Identity Checks Launched Three New Product Suites In October To Be Promoted In Its Recently Created, Destinations Category

Identity Checks offers an eclectic mixture of personal check designs and banking accessories. Many of the products promoted by Identity Checks support different hobbies, occupations, sports, and universities. To expand on this assortment, Identity Checks has released three new check designs, into its destinations category.

In October, 2008, Identity Checks released several new designs through its website, In the destinations category of the site, three new check designs have been launched. “Italian Vistas,” “Lindo Puerto Rico,” and “Deutschland” enable consumers to travel the country sides of Italy and Germany with only the help of their checkbooks. The “Italian Vistas” design features photographs of classic cities in Italy on the personal checks and labels, while the contact cards and checkbook cover feature the colors of the flag and the word “Italia” The “Deutschland” design is very similar to “Italian Vistas” in that it also portrays famous cities in Germany on the checks and labels, with the country’s colors on the contact cards and checkbook cover. “Lindo Puerto Rico” is slightly different in that both the checks and accessories display the same classic Puerto Rican design in the background along with the country’s flag.

With so many new designs to add to an already large assortment, Identity Checks has something for everyone. Whether you want to explore your heritage or support your school, Identity Checks has something for you. Visit the site today and discover your interests.

About Identity Checks:
Since its beginning, Identity Checks has grown tremendously to include many different designs and products. Its main focus has been to give supporters of different things one more way to show their pride for something they believe in. Browse through the site and you are sure to find something you love!

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The Brander-In-Chief Offers 7 Key Elements For Achieving Business And Personal Success

One of the biggest struggles that small business owners have is finding the right balance between their work and personal lives.

Joe Kiedinger, co-owner and brander-in-chief of Prophit Marketing of Green Bay, Wis., has a solution. In his new book, The Brander-in-Chief, Kiedinger gives business owners strategies and practical action steps for achieving increased business and personal success.

Using an entertaining and yet insightful fictionalized format, Kiedinger shares the lessons he has learned from carefully studying businesses of all kinds—lessons that have provided the foundation for his unique, systematic, 7-stage Prophit Marketing system.

“Small business owners often don’t know how to create balance,” Kiedinger says. “This book gives them a step-by-step understanding of how to achieve greater balance and increased business and personal success.”

To help promote his new book and his agency’s marketing approach, Kiedinger is holding “Road Shows” in which he uses entertainment elements to introduce attendees to his 7-stage process for improved marketing. A former production singer for Carnival Cruise Lines, Kiedinger weaves singing, improvisational bits, audience participation and instructional segments throughout the interactive event.

“I’m very excited about this book and the chance to introduce it to business owners and decision makers,” Kiedinger says. “Attendees at our Road Shows will be entertained while also learning some very helpful principles for achieving greater business success and improved work-life balance.”

Kiedinger spent a year and a half writing The Brander-in-Chief. He says his ideas are based on the very best ideas that he and his staff have gleaned from a careful and ongoing study of successful local and national businesses.

Kiedinger says the best thing about The Brander-in-Chief is that its ideas have been tested and proven to work. “When small businesses invest in improving their cultures and combine this investment with solid strategy and effective advertising, they can compete against anyone, including larger rivals. Our clients that have taken the time to learn and apply this approach are getting results,” he says.

Copies of The Brander-in-Chief can be ordered at

Seven critical elements for improved business success

In The Brander-in-Chief, Joe Kiedinger shows business decision makers how to better succeed at business and life by understanding and applying these 7 key principles:

Brander-in-Chief – Proper focus on two essential elements—delegation and vision—is critical to becoming a successful servant leader.

Market Viability – Ask the right questions to help create a defined position in the market.

Customer Experience Factor – Communicate to staff “this is how we do it here.”

Process Managers and Process Partners – Filling these two crucial roles can jump start a business’s rate of improvement faster than any other factor.

Mantra Concept – A business can become stronger by determining how its brand experience is defined by its customers.

Share of Voice – Optimal media penetration is achieved by understanding and applying the principle of frequency over reach, as well as other principles.

Passion – Working with purpose and conviction is what separates good businesses from great ones.

About Joe Kiedinger and Prophit Marketing
Joe Kiedinger is co-owner and Brander-in-Chief of Prophit Marketing (, a unique vision-driven marketing organization that helps small to medium-size businesses succeed by adhering to the 7-stage Prophit Marketing System. Joe’s message has been heard by many through his unique Prophit Marketing Road Shows, which combine entertainment and instruction in providing audiences with an action plan for success. Joe is also the author of Wisdom on Wednesday (, an internationally distributed free weekly e-mail newsletter that enlightens and challenges readers to get the most out of their marketing efforts.

Prophit Marketing serves a mix of business-to-consumer and business-to-business clients and has 11 employees. The agency is located at 321 St. George Street in Green Bay.

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TMD (The Marketing Department) Bangkok, An Integrated Marketing And Brand Development Firm, Is Celebrating Its Third Anniversary

While many companies nervously await the impact of the current global financial crisis, some are casting fears aside, already looking for innovative new marketing strategies to not only help them survive, but also forge ahead of their fear-stricken competition. This determination by forward thinking businesses to stay ahead of the curve has increased the demand for TMD’s twenty-first century approach to brand building and marketing.

Economic downturn or period of opportunity?

“Normally, when industries fall into crisis or global markets experience down-turns, marketing budgets are the first thing to go,” says Kirk Bentham, TMD’s Founder and Managing Director. “Ad agencies and media suppliers are always the first to feel the pinch, but TMD is fortunate not to be your typical advertising agency, one that relies on our clients’ big media spending to be profitable. We’ve been the “anti-agency” from day one.”

TMD sees itself as a client’s strategic partner, assisting in business and product development, and most importantly according to Bentham, developing better ways for brands to communicate and utilize their best assets – their people. “Advertising and media buying make up just a very small percentage of what we offer,” he adds.

Comprised of a uniquely experienced talent pool, TMD is able to get beneath the skin of a client’s business and leave nothing un-explored when developing strategies. It’s with this approach that they have been offering top companies something much more valuable than campaign planners and creatives for the past three years.

“Even before the current financial crisis made the headlines, we had been enjoying a new wave of clients looking for a more holistic approach to marketing and branding. We’ve had many clients come to us from big agencies this year, not to cut back on their spending but to get more for what they pay for,” said Bentham.

This wave has also brought some very high-level talent and new market opportunities forTMD. Former Interbrand VP Eric Peterson felt this shift in outlook and left his position as Brand Strategy Director at local agency In-house to join Bentham, award-winning designer and art director Jeff Williams, and their new powerhouse team of local project specialists. Peterson was joined by former Brandcom Sr. PR Consultant Pemika Wongaiyara, who provides extra clout to TMD’s PR services. The team was rounded out by Jeff W. Richards, a writer/journalist and Tokyo event specialist.

“Tokyo has always been a tastemaker market for all things hi-tech, fashion, and nightlife oriented,” says Richards. “What TMD has going on in Bangkok – at the corporate level – hits all the right notes with what companies are looking for now.” He adds that Japanese businesses are no different. “Japan Inc. is looking for its own powerful brand stories to energize expanding business and keep the fears of recession at bay. Many of today’s largest brand conglomerates are Japanese, instantly recognized the world over. With ever increasing expansion into SE Asian markets, they can see huge opportunities to move ahead of their competition if they utilize different ways to communicate – especially with proper English messaging in new markets.”

Such is the grip of the global financial crisis that it will be today’s forward thinking companies – the ones who change the way they think and communicate – who will see the greatest gains. Working with these visionary businesses, TMD and its team of innovators aims to sweep away the “ad pushers” – the weaker and inarticulate competition – to help them find new ways of thinking and future-investing in the new post-advertising age.

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Enjoy the artwork of Paul Brent on these new products from Artistic Checks

Known for showcasing the work of many artists, Artistic Checksis proud to welcome the paintings of Paul Brent to its collection. Through the Masterpiece Collection, Artistic Checks is able to bring beautiful artwork to the personal checks and banking accessories of its customers. By offering works from an array of artists, Artistic Checks appeals to the tastes of every kind of art lover imaginable.

Artistic Checks is happy to have the paintings of such a well-known and talented artist available on its products. Paul Brent is recognized for his portrayals of calming beach and landscape scenes. His work is already available on all kinds of products from kitchen decorations to stationary and now it will brighten the checkbooks of many customers.

On October 17, 2008, Artistic Checks released the new product suite for Paul Brent’s “Shoreline View.” The personal checks portray four different beach chairs lounging along beautiful coasts. In vibrant colors of red, blue, yellow, and green, these beach chairs match the borders of the checks and give a sense of relaxation. The address labels feature the same chairs to the side of the personal information which is featured against a serene beach background. The personal contact cards and checkbook cover picture one chair each in green and red, respectively. All of the products capture relaxing and beautiful scenes with beach chairs as the main focus points.

Since its acquisition in 1998, Artistic Checks has been known for check designs that portray works of art. The watercolor paintings of Paul Brent will fit right into the existing assortment as great artwork available on personal checks and accessories. Visit Artistic Checks to view all the creative designs.

About Artistic Checks:
Artistic Checks is known for its assortment of artwork on personal checks. Many artists have their work portrayed on these products as another way for admirers to enjoy their art. With a variety of works available on their products, Artistic Checks has something for everyone. Browse through the collection to find something you love.

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Chicago area trade show exhibit and display dealer also ranks among top ten in specialized marketing firms

Tradetec Skyline, a leading provider of exhibit management programs and custom modular displays and graphics, reached a significant milestone in being listed among the recently announced 2008 Inc. 5000. The listing recognizes Tradetec as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

The Chicago area exhibit display company was in the top ten of specialized marketing firms making the list and ranked 3577 overall. The list ranks cumulative growth over a three year period for all private companies. Over the last three years, Tradetec has experienced over a 90% increase in sales – placing it among the top 1000th of one percent in the nation.

“It is a great honor for Tradetec Skyline to be recognized by the leading resource for entrepreneurs,” says CEO and Co-founder Ken Buckman. “Our success can be attributed to our innovative and professional approach in providing outsourced trade show services, online program management, and innovative modular displays and graphics. We are also blessed with our 48 passionate and talented employees”

Buckman added that the explosive growth of the exhibit and event management side of the business has been the largest contributor to its success. Clients have complete access to an online system that allows them to manager their exhibits and prepare for shows with a few simple clicks. Tradetec expects that clients will use the system to manage the logistics for over 2,000 tradeshows in 2008.

“Tradetec Skyline’s customers—whether large or small—really appreciate our dedicated exhibit management team, who help ensure that each project is completed accurately and in a timely manner,” says President and Co-founder Mike Driscoll. “Our Blue Ribbon Service Program offers our customers a more efficient way to manage and run their trade show program.”

The Inc. 5000 profile also notes an added benefit of Tradetec’s exhibit displays: “Skyline contributes to environmental sustainability in two ways: By providing lighter weight, modular trade show displays and exhibits that have smaller environmental impact than traditional custom exhibits, and by minimizing the impact on the environment from its manufacturing operations.”

About Tradetec Skyline, Inc.
Tradetec Skyline specializes in custom modular, reconfigurable exhibit solutions not found elsewhere in the marketplace and provides customers with a complete online exhibit management system. In their 10 years of business, Tradetec has completed more than 18,000 projects for more than 2,000 primarily Chicago area companies. Tradetec Skyline is one of the leading dealers for Eagan, Minnesota-based Skyline Exhibits.

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Learn How To Make Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts With This Step-By-Step Instructions

Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts are now required if your going to continue to post ads on Craigslist for marketing purposes. After Craigslist started requiring Phone Verified Accounts, there were several companies that came out of the wood work to sell pre-made PV accounts. The problem is that the majority of these Craigslist Phone-Verified Accounts sellers were less than honorable. Several people got ripped off, with these accounts not working within days of being purchased. With the average cost of these accounts at $5 – $7 each, this was a very expensive lesson to learn for Craigslist Internet Marketers.

Some of the reasons that these accounts were placed on hold by Craigslist was there was a “footprint” left when the Craigslist phone verified accounts were made for posting. This footprint could have been the IP address used, the same password, sequential blocks of numbers and much more.

Unless your creating the accounts yourself, it is almost impossible to know that the accounts were set up correctly.

Dwayne Roberts, an internet marketing guru from Tennessee cracked the code on Making unlimited amounts of Craigslist phone verified accounts. After purchsing 100 accounts from a well known supplier, and getting burned, he set out to discover the various methods that people are using to make these accounts.

In his private members only forum,, he shares each one of these methods in easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Dwayne Roberts also provides free initial coaching consultations for people who need help learning how to post 3000 ads per day on Craigslist with phone verified accounts. His direct cell phone number is (615) 717-8196.

You can gain immediate access by visiting his website at

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Guava’s SEO Campaign For Confused.Com Has Been Awarded A Nomination At The Forthcoming IMA Awards

The campaign, which began last year, has focused on extensive SEOmodifications of the website and integrating’s offline marketing activity with a new online strategy.

Chris Dyer, Project Manager at Guava commented:

Working on the project continues to be a thoroughly rewarding process. We have worked closely with the team in Cardiff and built up a solid working relationship. Comparison websites is a highly competitive market so we’re proud of the results that we have achieved.”

Sarah Baldwin, Marketing Manager at feels that Guava’s IMA award nomination is well deserved;

“We’ve been impressed with just how much Guava has managed to achieve in a relatively short period. is one of the UK’s biggest comparison websites so we needed an innovative SEO strategy. Through a combination of tools, research and in-depth SEO knowledge Guava has produced excellent results.”

The IMA awards ceremony will take place at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London on 30th October 2008 with representative from and Guava in attendance.

About Guava
Guava is a fresh thinking, digital marketing agency specialising in Search Marketing and Web Development in the UK. Part of the pan-European Guava group with over 200 employees, the UK division is headed up by UK CEO, Graeme Radford with offices in Berkshire and Cornwall. Current Guava clients include, Black & Decker and CNET.

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