4checks’s Affiliate Program Switches To Google Affiliate Network

Since 1999, 4checks.com has been a leading search portal for personal checks, business checks, and other banking accessories. Because the company knows that affiliates are fundamental to generating growth, it works hard to provide them with the most innovative technologies available.

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On May 18, 2009, Kathy-Ann Viau, 4checks’ Affiliate Manager, officially switched the operating platform to Google Affiliate Network. Because Google provides extensive reporting tools to advertisers and publishers and boasts unparalleled expertise in the affiliate area, Ms. Viau thought this switch would be most beneficial to the 4checks program and its affiliates. Additionally, Google is a very reputable brand, which will help guarantee a smoother transition for affiliates. The affiliate of Direct Response Publishing commented that “It’s always a little [un] nerving moving over links because I have about 8 websites to do, so lots of work, but I think the decision to move to the Google [Affiliate] network is excellent.” When asked about the new affiliate program, Ms. Viau said, “Though it was a difficult decision to move away from our existing networks, I am very excited to be starting this new chapter of the 4checks program. Partnered together with the Google Affiliate Network I expect tremendous success for the 4checks program.”

About 4checks.com:
For almost a decade, 4checks.com has served as a check search portal for nine different check printing companies. At 4Checks.com, customers are able to search by category, specific check type, or checking accessories. With over 800 business and personal checks to choose from, 4checks has a check design for everyone! Visit the site today and search for your perfect check!

Via EPR Network
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