New Co-operative Campaign Asks What Makes Us All So Special?

In its biggest ever Wills and Funeral Planning campaign, The Co-operative is encouraging people to share what makes them or the people in their lives unique.

With the theme “Life is amazing. Pass it on”, the £250,000 multi-media campaign features Elsie, known for her mouth-watering scones made from a recipe passed down by her grandmother; then there’s Frank, well known for his amazing trumpet playing at a local pub; and Millie for her love of exotic flowers inspired by her holiday in a tropical paradise.

The campaign is specifically designed to drive enquiries to a new team of specialist advisers. It includes national press adverts, specialist magazine inserts, door drops, direct mail to Co-operative members, an email campaign, and search and web based activity. The campaign will also be promoted via leaflets within branches of The Co-operative Pharmacy.

Adeline Bibby, Marketing Manager for The Co-operative Life Planning, said: “The creative has been designed to highlight those things that make us and our loved ones special. Although most of us haven’t climbed Everest, we all have something unique to us, and this can be quirky or endearing. These things make us who we are and, with this campaign, we are celebrating all our amazing differences.”

Online, from today (13th September), people will be able to find out more about Elsie and Frank, as well as share stories, advice and inspiration in the new interactive area at

A new free guide to planning ahead has also been produced, which is available from the website or by contacting The Co-operative on 0800 023 4710.

“The new campaign is the next stage on from our earlier spring campaign, building on the successes we gained to create a much more vivid, engaging and personal approach. It’s all about you being an individual, and being appreciated and treated as an individual – and that’s what we find people really appreciate about The Co-operative.

“The Co-operative Wills and Funeral Planning Service concentrates on the personal touches so that everything is designed around the customer and what they’d like to pass on to the people they love.”

The campaign breaks 13th September and runs until 30th November 2010.

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Loyaltyworks Announces Enhancements to RewardTrax Online Incentive Program Technology Platform

Loyaltyworks, a leading provider of web-based incentive program services, announced the latest release of RewardTrax, the Software as a Service (SaaS) incentive technology platform that powers their point incentive programs. The release includes several major enhancements to the system’s Performance Tracking module, including features that help reduce program administration and support versatile, data-driven point award rules.

Highlights of RewardTrax enhancements in this release include:

• Reward Thresholds: point awards triggered by individual or program-wide performance targets.
• Automated Claim Verification: verification tools that automatically check the validity of claim submissions and allow immediate point awards
• Individual Goal Tracking: program participants and administrators can monitor progress towards pre-defined performance goals.

“The updates included in this release will help boost the performance of reward programs running on RewardTrax in several ways” says Kelly Held, VP of Information Technologies at Loyaltyworks.” All types of programs can now generate greater levels of motivation by setting performance goals on an individual basis and then monitoring every participant, encouraging them as they progress towards those goals. And programs that ask participants to provide invoice data or proof-of-purchase will require less administrative oversight. We listened to our customers for input on designing these enhancements – and the clients already using these new tools are offering very positive reviews.”

RewardTrax delivers branded, points-based reward, loyalty and incentive programs designed by Loyaltyworks to help businesses achieve a wide range of goals and objectives including growing customer loyalty, boosting sales revenue and share of wallet, increasing employee retention and engagement through recognition, strengthening channel relationships, motivating sales team performance, and more.

Loyaltyworks offers companies complimentary consultations, including demonstrations of RewardTrax, to explore if incentive programs can boost performance. Call 1-800-844-5000 or visit to learn more.

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Incentive Solutions Unveils New Features for the RewardTrax Incentive Program Technology Platform

Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based, full-range business incentive services provider, announced several enhancements to the RewardTrax® incentive platform – the“Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) technology powering the company’s online, points-based incentive programs. The new RewardTrax features will deliver reward programs with greater motivational capabilities and less administrative overhead.

The new enhancements reside in the RewardTrax’ Performance Tracking module, a set of features that allow the platform to calculate and award points through the use of program rules and related data. Performance Tracking is often employed in customer loyalty, distributor reward and channel sales incentive programs. Improvements include:

• Reward Thresholds: point awards can be triggered by performance targets. Rules and thresholds can be set up as individual goals or apply to everyone in program
• Automated Claim Verification: In programs using claim submissions (proof of purchase, for example) verification tools can now automatically check the validity of submissions and immediately award points
• Individual Goal Tracking: to motivate goal achievement, the platform monitors individual and team progress towards pre-defined performance goals.

“Program administrators can now assign performance goals on an individual basis and monitor the progress of every participant, encouraging participants to reach their goals and earn points.” says Kelly Held, VP of Information Technologies at Incentive Solutions. “And programs that use data submissions for point claims will require less oversight. We listened to our customers before designing these new features – and the clients using the tools are giving them positive reviews.”

RewardTrax delivers custom branded, points-based reward, loyalty and incentive programs designed by Incentive Solutions to achieve businesses goals and objectives like growing customer loyalty, boosting sales revenue, increasing employee retention and engagement through reward and recognition, strengthening channel marketing, motivating sales teams and more. Incentive Solutions’ reward portfolio also includes incentive and group travel programs and branded debit card rewards.

Incentive Solutions offers free consultations and complimentary demonstrations of RewardTrax to help businesses evaluate if incentive programs can help boost performance. Call 1-866-567-7432 or visit

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Bigmouthmedia Calls For New Rules Governing Sale Of Financial Products Online

Bigmouthmedia has published a white paper calling for the Financial Services Authority to introduce specific guidelines governing the sale of financial products and services online.

While almost a quarter of all UK-based marketing spend is now online, there are still no specific guidelines for how financial marketers should engage in online marketing. Bigmouthmedia’s white paper demonstrates growing cause for concern amongst marketers that while the internet has created a unique set of conditions; the FSA has yet to provide specific guidelines for marketers using the channel.

“It is time for the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to address one of the most neglected issues of its time and produce a set of guidelines designed to help financial services market their services both ethically and effectively. At a point when restoring the industry’s position in the public esteem remains of critical importance, getting the message right online will be a significant step forward,” said Chris Cathcart, Senior Finance Strategist at bigmouthmedia.

“The internet was in its infancy when the organisation founded to regulate the finance sector first opened its doors, but in little more than a decade it has revolutionised the way that consumers interact with the commercial world. We believe that a specific set of rules developed to specifically address the unique conditions surrounding online trade could bring an end to a lot of existing confusion.”

Digital advertising formats make compliance with the standards set out for traditional media extremely difficult, and in a culture where companies selling financial products must be extremely vigilant against falling foul of legislation, marketers find their ability to engage with the burgeoning marketplace restricted. The problem, however, does not stop there.

As a recent bigmouthmedia survey revealed, consumers are less than content with the way financial services are sold to them online. They demonstrate widespread mistrust of the claims made of a raft of available products and a clear preference for terms and conditions written in plain English they can understand.

“Bigmouthmedia’s paper on the regulation of online financial distribution makes some very interesting observations on the distinction between online and offline financial promotion, and the need for greater flexibility in the online world to build up the picture for the consumer, rather than trying to deliver all the jargon and protection information in the single advert view. It highlights the need for ‘Online’ consumers to be afforded the same degree of protection as ‘offline’ but that the delivery needs to be different. At Money Dashboard we will strongly support any regulatory initiatives that champion ‘online’ financial consumers getting to a more intuitive and simplified view of product information to assist them with financial decisions,” said Gavin Littlejohn, CEO of Money Dashboard.

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