Walmart Dollar Stores Social Acceptance Say’s Bring It On

With over 5 million Facebook Fans and Growing, it appears Walmart is preparing to send a clear message to their Facebook fans; we’ve heard your wants and needs and we’re here to deliver the Best Roll-Back we’ve ever had thanks to you (and our savvy money centers). We’re delivering the “Walmart Fans Just In Time Program”. Yes Fans, Walmart has monitored your pay-check cashing trends and they see that they’ve lost many friends in their stores during those magical 3 days just before pay-day. You know those majestic 3 days when you scrape up just enough to buy those essentials like diapers or baby food to hold you over until pay-day.

The Big Box Fox knows when it gets down to those last few days and dollars just before your next paycheck. Well, we believe Walmart is getting set to announce their “Days before Pay Day Dollar Store” in an isle near you. No, there are no new stores with the 99 cent deals, it’s Pay Day Dollar Days at your local Walmart.

Walmart Rolls Back their Contract Packagers
Walmart has given tentative notice (nothing is ever tentative with Walmart, it’s always going to happen) to their Contract Packagers (CP), supply chain that they want smaller sizes of the basic necessities on the shelf during what they claim are those 3 days just before pay-day. Sales of those essentials during those 3 days just before pay day have been flowing into the neighboring Dollar store registers for too long according to Walmart, and they now have sufficient data to drive their Dollar Store initiative forward.

Walmart, the Big Box Fox is now one of the largest money centers in the world Walmart has become one of the largest money centers in the world with their savvy in store money centers offering In-store check cashing with a simple $3.00 fee for checks up to $1,000.00 and a flat $6.00 for the $5,000.00 cap. Walmart in store and online promotions include their “get your money when you want it” program with their no registration required Walmart Money Card where you can reload it for free every pay-day or just like a standard credit card. The Walmart Discover Card maintains their Popular “Roll Back” concept with 1% cash back on all purchases and a very rewarding $0.03 off a gallon of gas at their Sam’s Club Gas Stations.

Need Cash? The Big Box Fox has that covered too, only with in store purchases.

Walmart, the data mining king of the big box retailers, keeps the money in house all the time, and the transacting data, well, leave it to the Big Box Fox and their innovative forward thinking, it’s a win win situation for Walmart and their customers, but a complex and taxing one for their Contract Packagers.

Walmart introduces the first Consumer J.I.T. Program Walmart, King of the Just In Time (JIT) supply chain, has listened closely to the voice of their customers through their money centers and social media marketing online assets, and the data shows the consumers need some JIT of their own; the consumers need smaller and less costly sizes to hold them over until they cash their next pay check or they buy elsewhere. It makes cents, which quickly add up to that Dollar sale Walmart was losing during the 3 day Pay Day crunch.

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