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Japanese Direct Sales Company Enters US With A MegaTrend Product And A Never Before Seen Patented Comp Plan

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a solid, global direct sales company where everyone joining in has an equal opportunity at financial success?

That is not what we normally think of in the MLM industry. It’s generally thought of as all of the people at the top making all the money and the newbies are at the bottom with barely any chance of a real success.

In traditional MLM companies, when a sale occurs, the commission pay out begins at the top with a trickle down effect, resulting in pennies being paid out at the point of sale. That’s where this company’s patented compensation plan gets really different!

Imagine making a sale and the commission payout beginning with YOU, then going up! That’s right, commissions are always paid at the point of sale FIRST. This allows everyone coming into the business with equal opportunity for financial success! This is true Direct Sales. This is something we have not seen in this industry, it’s unprecedented.

It works something like this….when one of their systems is sold, the company cuts 8 checks, with each check having a value determined by the model that is sold. Depending on your ranking within the company, which is based on cummulative sales, you will receive between 1 and 6 checks per sale with the remaining checks paid out to the sponsors directly above you. You also receive equivalent overrides from your sales team, offering additional income streams. In addition, the company also offers bonuses and incentive programs.

The compensation appears to be very lucrative with the average commissions ranging from $285 – $1710 per sale; exponentially higher than the industry.

What we found most interesting about this company was the lack of any quota requirements. Sales reps do not ever lose their ranking even if they stop selling for an extended period of time. One sale will reinstate a distributor as if they never left. There is no product to inventory. Orders are submitted directly to the company and they drop ship directly to the customer. There are no renewal fees. Once you own their system for you own personal use, signing a W9 form designates you as a distributor for the company. That’s it!

We did delve a little into the product sold by this company and it is quite interesting to say the least! It’s unique, timely and appears to be something everyone needs….Optimized WATER.

You can learn more about this company and product by visiting their website at

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ekmResponse Outline the Three Ingredients to Building the Perfect Mailing List

One of the UK’s leading email marketing solution specialists, ekmResponse, shares the secrets of how to build and maintain a good quality mailing list to encourage subscriber interaction and help build customer relationships.

There are three key ingredients involved in building the perfect list in order to yield positive results on an ongoing basis.

It is important to build your mailing list as quickly as possible. The quicker you build one, the quicker it will generate extra traffic to your site. The quicker you generate extra traffic to your site, the quicker extra revenue can be made.

Be sure to have multiple newsletter signup forms throughout your site. Users may feel happy to subscribe to news or information about particular products or topics throughout your website rather than to a generic newsletter which you might allow submission to on your home page. With ekmResponse, subscribers can be split into separate mailing lists based on the topics of info they have subscribed to.

Offering several avenues for users to submit their details is one step of building a list quickly, but it could all count for nothing if the user feels there is no incentive to part with their details. If you find you have lots of hits throughout your site, but very little submission of data, then the user is likely being put off for some reason. The question of “Why should this user subscribe?” needs to be asked; and you need to provide the answer…

Users are far more likely to subscribe if they feel they will benefit in doing so. Therefore, offering a free gift, a discount code or some other gesture of thanks is likely to encourage conversion from initial interest, to submission of data. Making sure the user knows exactly what they will be receiving in their inbox, how often and that their details will not be passed on to 3rd parties offers reassurance that they can safely give their details to you.

Couple this with quick delivery of the gesture of thanks and you will have set the foundations for a trusting relationship with your recipients.

Once you have built your mailing list, generated trust and a good rapport with your subscribers, the final ingredient to carrying out successful email marketing is to ensure you retain those subscribers.

Regular news to the correct subscribers which they benefit from reading, regular special offers on products they are likely to buy, games like “Find the easter bunny on our website and claim a free gift!” are the kind of things in order to keep your emails fresh and to continuously encourage subscriber interaction.

If your emails become less frequent and contain content which your subscribers are finding increasingly repetitive, you will quickly find your contacts unsubscribe – putting a waste to all your hard work in building the mailing list in the first place.

You could ask yourself, if you were one of your recipients, would you be happy receiving your emails and if not, what would you like to receive?

Matthew Allingham, product manager of ekmResponse advises, “To ensure you make the most of email marketing, it is imperative to follow best practices when building a mailing list. Obtaining subscriber interest, generating trust and gauging interactivity are the building blocks to email marketing success.

We encourage our customers to maximise the tools available in order to benefit the most from their email marketing campaigns”. To view the ekmResponse email marketing platform and start building your mailing lists, head over to and try the free tariff.

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Recent ekmResponse Upgrades Offer Relevant Targeted Marketing

One of the UK’s leading email marketing solutions specialists ekmResponse has upgraded its email campaign reporting tools to allow greater scope for targeted marketing.

Most good email marketing systems will offer the basics when it comes to email tracking, such as open rates, untracked emails and bounces. Such information is imperative at allowing you to know how well you are engaging your recipients; how well you are doing as an email marketer and perhaps most importantly, how you can improve. The ekmResponse email marketing system however, now goes one step further…

Targeted Marketing

Sending an email campaign to a mailing list is only one half of the story. What good is a single email to people if you do not follow up the leads which the email generates? The ekmResponse email marketing system now allows its users to view a host of extra fields for each recipient that is emailed.

This valuable information allows the user to obtain a list of all those that opened the email in order to view their postal addresses, contact numbers and optional custom fields, at the click of a button.

For example, the contact details for all the recipients that showed an interest in a particular product being promoted within an email may be required. Perhaps a phone call to them or a dedicated email campaign exclusively to those users with a lucrative special offer to help seal the deal would be in order? How about an email campaign to all users within a particular postcode area? The possibilities are endless…

Joanne Russell from handbag accessories supplier, reports that her staff are able to interact more closely and with more relevance to her existing customer base, thanks to the new ability within ekmResponse.

Joanne says: “Now being able to see at a glance the phone numbers for each customer that reads our emails, along with the previous products they’ve purchased by use of the custom fields, we can contact each active lead and make recommendations and offers to them based on their previous purchases. We now have organised, instant leads which we can work through right after sending an email campaign!”

Other updates as part of this recent release include a more powerful mailing list import tool, working faster than the previous version and allowing existing contact details to be updated with new info. To view the ekmResponse email marketing platform and the features it offers, along with the new updates, head over to and try the free tariff.

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ekmResponse Reveals 20 Words and Phrases Not to Use in Emails

One of the UK’s leading email marketing solutions specialists ekmResponse has compiled a useful list of key words phrases that should be avoided when building successful email marketing campaigns. The data has been compiled from a list of commonly used key words and phrases which are present in the least performing campaigns.

Referring to such a list of words and phrases which spam filters use to allocate“points” to in order to establish if an email campaign should be deemed as spam or not, is designed to help ekmResponse customers put together better quality emails. This in turn potentially yields more ROI due to better inbox placement.

The list of key words and phrases to steer clear of can be found here.

Keeping it Clean

ekmResponse allows its customers to check the likelihood of their email being deemed as spam by using the handy, built-in spam score tool.

The tool works on a points-based method generated from the content entered within the email, meaning the higher the score, the higher the chance of the email being seen as spam.

Laurence White, founder of lifestyle store said: “Being able to see how well my email should perform before it’s even sent is very useful and allows me to make the tweaks needed that I otherwise would not have known about”.

Matthew Allingham, product manager of ekmResponse added: “The spam score tool within ekmResponse coupled with our best practices guide is proven to help educate email marketers and to maximise their efforts. We really do see the differences with inbox placement and open rates for those who use these facilities within ekmResponse.

“Encouraging high open rates for our customers is something we constantly strive for”.

To check out the ekmResponse email marketing platform and its many features, such as the spam score tool, head over to and sign up for a free trial.

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ekmResponse Celebrates Signing-Up 5,000th New Customer

One of the UK’s leading email marketing solutions specialists ekmResponse has welcomed its 5,000th customer after just over two years in business.

The firm, part of Ekm Systems Ltd, which has offices in Manchester and Darwen, Lancashire, helps businesses of all sizes contact their customers with relevant information and targeted offers via email. Using ekmResponse’s email marketing software, companies can use bulk campaigns to contact customers and potentially draw thousands of extra visitors to their website.

Once a campaign has begun, ekmResponse’s email marketing software allows users to manage emails that have bounced back, check which customers have viewed the email and track conversion rates.

Steven Hickey, head of marketing and business development at, said the project has been “hugely successful” since its launch.

He said: “Email marketing was a brand new market to us, and there have been some lessons to be learnt very quickly in order to make it fly. 5,000 users in such a short space of time is pretty phenomenal for a ‘new to market’ platform.

“We’re used to looking after thousands of ecommerce clients but the boom in demand for email marketing recently, coupled with the breadth of target market, has made it a fairly soft market for us to penetrate.”

Wim Wellinghof is the founder of, which sells motorsport collectors models, gifts and memorabilia. He has been using ekmResponse’s email marketing platform to contact the 15,000 people on the business’ mailing list with everything from voucher codes to details of delivery discounts. Mr Wellinghof said his average click-through rate to his website from email campaigns is 87 per cent.

He said: “It’s extremely easy to use. You can build your own template or use one of the 100+ free ones that are on offer and track the click-throughs of your recipients that interact with your emails, see who opens the mail and use it as market intelligence. Not to mention, the cost is very reasonable.”

Matthew Allingham, product manager for, added: “Reaching the 5,000 customer milestone in a short space of time is a testament to the quality of and we will strive to continue this momentum in moving forward.

“Our customers have shown that email marketing is a very cost effective way of generating extra revenue. To generate the equivalent levels of exposure, traffic and sales by relying on SEO alone would be far more time consuming and costly, so email marketing has proven to be a key factor for any online business.”

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Mobile DNA Service Offers Financial Services Insight Into 10m Smartphone Prospects

Financial Services organisations now have the ability to target up to 10 million smartphone users with tailored offers and promotions with a unique mobile service launched by 2ergo.

Research from 2ergo has revealed that financial service brands are failing to offer mobile websites or promotions to target the hundreds of thousands of searches that are done daily on simple financial search terms via mobile phones. Currently 368K searches are done daily on ‘loans’, however none of the companies on Google’s first page listings have a mobile site.

The company is launching its mobileDNA service as part of a package to help organisations that do not yet have a mobile marketing strategy to get campaigns up and running in a matter of days. The service has been built around 2ergo’s proprietary database of 10m opt-in UK cross-network mobile phone users, further enriched with information from users’ mobile behaviour and transactions over the last 10 years and profiling information such as age, interests and location.

Offering a level of customer insight and targeting that has been out of reach to marketers running multi-channel acquisition programmes, 2ergo’s mobile campaign package has been developed to help drive traffic, gain new intelligence about customer behaviour and measure response rates and reactions to specific offers.

The package offers marketers the ability to build branded landing pages for the offers and uses targeted mobile advertising strategies including banner ads to drive additional prospects to promotions. This removes the need for a brand to have its own mobile presence – meaning campaigns can be executed without major investment into mobile platform infrastructure.

To launch the service, 2ergo has developed The Mobile Guide to Customer Acquisition: top tips for marketers who want to launch an effective and targeted mobile campaign in matter of days. To download the guide, go to 2Ergo’s Acquisition guide.

John Stevens, group managing director of 2ergo, said, “Our mobile campaign package is a world first – marketers not only have access and insight into 10m mobile phone users, but also the ability to set up targeted, compelling mobile campaigns extremely quickly. There’s no requirement to invest in mobile platform infrastructure, meaning finance marketers feeling overwhelmed about getting their mobile strategy right now have an effective, expedient way of targeting prospective customers, and securing their long-term loyalty.”

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Mobile DNA Service Offers Retailers Immediate Insight Into 10m Mobile Customers’ Preferences

Retailers concerned about missing valuable mobile Christmas sales now have the ability to target 10 million mobile phone users with tailored offers and promotions within days.

Last year 22% of online users accessed the internet on their phones over Christmas Day and Boxing Day (econsultancy). 2ergo is predicting that Boxing Day 2011 will be the biggest day ever for m-commerce, with 30% of consumers making a mobile purchase.

The company is launching its mobileDNA service as part of a mobile campaign package to help retailers that do not yet have a mobile strategy to get mobile advertising campaigns up and running to target shoppers in the run up to Christmas. The service has been built around 2ergo’s proprietary database of 10m opt-in UK cross-network mobile phone users, further enriched with information from users’ mobile behaviour and transactions over the last 10 years and profiling information such as age, interests and location.

Offering a level of customer insight and targeting that has been out of reach to retailers running multi-channel acquisition programmes, 2ergo’s mobile campaign package has been developed to help drive traffic, gain new intelligence about customer behaviour and measure response rates and reactions to specific offers.

The package offers marketers the ability to build branded landing pages for the offers and uses targeted mobile advertising strategies including banner ads to drive additional prospects to promotions. This removes the need for a brand to have its own mobile presence – meaning campaigns can be executed without major investment into mobile platform infrastructure.

To launch the service, 2ergo has developed The Mobile Guide to Customer Acquisition: top tips for retail marketers who want to launch an effective and targeted mobile campaign in matter of days. To download the guide, go to 2ergo’s Acquisition guide.

John Stevens, group managing director of 2ergo, said, “Our mobile campaign package is a world first – marketers not only have access and insight into 10m mobile phone users, but also the ability to set up targeted, compelling mobile campaigns such as SMS marketing extremely quickly.

There’s no requirement to invest in mobile infrastructure, meaning marketers concerned they’ve left it too late to capitalise on this Christmas’ m-commerce now have an effective, expedient way of targeting prospective customers, and securing their long-term loyalty.”

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The Co-operative Gets a Taste for Mobile Marketing

The Co-operative Group is linking with O2 and Coca Cola to become one of the first UK supermarkets to take advantage of mobile proximity marketing.

From the 4th May until 14 June 2011, customers within 0.5 miles of a Co-operative food store will receive a text message offering them a free 500ml bottle of Dr Pepper at their nearest Co-operative store.

The initiative is being supported by O2 Media, which is providing the database of 16 – 34 year olds who have chosen to receive location-based marketing messages. O2 customers can sign up to be part of the scheme by visiting

To facilitate the scheme, virtual perimeters or “geo-fences” have been set up around Co-operative food stores and the service is triggered by the customer’s proximity to one of these stores. Eligible customers in these areas will receive an SMS/MMS text message with the offer and the address of the nearest store.

The Co-operative Group has already announced that it will become the first major UK food retailer to introduce contactless payments, which will be trialled in 150 Co-operative food stores from September, following a link up with Barclaycard.

Sean Toal, Commercial Director for The Co-operative Food, commented: “The Co-operative is keen to make use of cutting-edge technologies, and mobile proximity marketing means we can target customers with specific offers and engage with them directly.

“The Co-operative has almost 3,000 stores nationwide, many of which are at the heart of local communities and on high streets, which makes this initiative and technology ideal for us as a community retailer.”

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Fidelis Marketing Turkey Drive Provides 200 Turkeys To Sacramento Food Bank

Fidelis Marketing successfully organized a Turkey Drive at car dealerships to benefit the Sacramento Food Bank. Fidelis Marketing, a direct mail marketing company servicing over 1500 clients nationwide, organized their largest Turkey Drive to date, donating 200 turkeys.

Jeff Garcia, President of Fidelis, said about the fundraiser, “It was extremely successful for the car dealerships. The public response at the dealerships resulted in additional vehicle sales and a stimulus to the dealers’ local economies.”

The public, responding to promotional advertising by visiting participating dealerships to inquire about a car as a result of the Fidelis mail drops, received a gift certificate for a free turkey. In addition, with each 1,000-piece mail drop that car dealers ran in alliance with Fidelis Marketing, the local Sacramento Food Bank also received a donated turkey.

Asked about the Turkey Drive, Garcia commented, “We formerly only did half of the event. With this year’s tough economy and so many families struggling, our staff felt it was important to add the second half of the promotion and do our part locally to donate the additional turkeys to the local Food Bank based on the national participation.”

Garcia, also a former Marine, enlisted the help of the Sacramento Motor T and Maintenance Division Marines. In response, they provided a 7-ton Marine Corps truck and a group of Marines to help deliver the turkeys to the Food Bank.

Responding to questions on who was involved, Garcia said, “Our staff of 27 participated in selling the promotions to the dealers. In addition, our staff put in countless hours and their own money to the cause. Safeway sold us the turkeys at a bulk rate as a contribution to the cause, and the Sacramento Marines participated in the delivery and donated their time and vehicle.”

Fidelis staff aims to recruit more participants next year and deliver 500 turkeys to the Sacramento Food Bank.

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AC Generations Ask, Is The Recession Holding You Back?

There is a very fine line between being reckless and careful and it is sometimes difficult to know which way to go. Nick Johnson of AC Generations says “It is false economy not to spend money on promoting your business. You may have the best product in the world but it can all go down the Swanee if you don’t tell the world about it! So many businesses see marketing as a luxury they can’t afford but in fact it is the one thing they should afford.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are working out of a back street lock-up or from a multi million pound tower block, the same principals apply – you won’t sell if you don’t promote”. Nick goes on to say “a good marketing campaign will pay for itself, the return on investment is often 100%”.

In today’s market place, many businesses have lost their ‘shop front’ and rarely see their customers face-to-face. This makes it even harder for businesses to get new customers and this is what makes direct sales and marketing a necessity. “Every business needs fresh, new clients through their doors to keep their business afloat but it is getting harder to get those new faces” says Nick. “Business has changed, many companies only do business over the phone or the internet and they have lost the interaction with their customers”. “That’s why it is more important than ever to promote your brand and your company”.

Having the right people to promote your company is key to the whole exercise. Sending your ‘back street boys’ to a trade show and expecting them to engage new clients and get good leads is unlikely to happen. “Direct marketing and sales people are trained to engage with the client quickly and close the deal” says Nick of AC Generations; “untrained people might have a nice chat but not achieve the end result. With the best will in the world, your staff will do their best but they are just not trained to cope with the stress and rejection that they will have to face at a direct sales event”.

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How JTG Consulting See The Benefits Of The Outsource Sale Route

Outsourcing is the future for businesses looking to save money. Although outsourcing is often seen as a ‘cheap option’ that really is a misconception. “We prefer to call it value for money” says Johan Gericke of JTG Consulting. “Of course, outsourcing is less expensive than the traditional route; it doesn’t carry the same overheads, but the real value is in what you get for your money”.

With a traditional marketing department in a large company there will be salaries to be paid, benefits such as pensions, holiday pay and sick pay. An office needs to be provided that needs to be heated and furnished. The marketing team may have been there for years and the ideas may be running thin.

“When an outsource sales team are engaged you get a highly motivated team of professionals that are hardworking and don’t know how to give up” says Johan “You get the best of both worlds, a savvy team and great value for money”.

Outsourcing is not a new concept, many councils have done it for years, outsourcing services like bin collection. “Because outsourcing is in the private sector there is often competition, which drives the price down. In marketing and sales it often drives the quality up too” says Johan. “It is in the nature of marketers to want to be the best and they thrive on competition”.

Face-to-face marketing is a unique skill, far harder than being a sales representative on the end of a phone. “It is not only what you say but how you say it and how you present yourself, body language speaks volumes” says Johan. “These unique skills are what you would expect from a dedicated, direct sales person”.

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New Co-operative Campaign Asks What Makes Us All So Special?

In its biggest ever Wills and Funeral Planning campaign, The Co-operative is encouraging people to share what makes them or the people in their lives unique.

With the theme “Life is amazing. Pass it on”, the £250,000 multi-media campaign features Elsie, known for her mouth-watering scones made from a recipe passed down by her grandmother; then there’s Frank, well known for his amazing trumpet playing at a local pub; and Millie for her love of exotic flowers inspired by her holiday in a tropical paradise.

The campaign is specifically designed to drive enquiries to a new team of specialist advisers. It includes national press adverts, specialist magazine inserts, door drops, direct mail to Co-operative members, an email campaign, and search and web based activity. The campaign will also be promoted via leaflets within branches of The Co-operative Pharmacy.

Adeline Bibby, Marketing Manager for The Co-operative Life Planning, said: “The creative has been designed to highlight those things that make us and our loved ones special. Although most of us haven’t climbed Everest, we all have something unique to us, and this can be quirky or endearing. These things make us who we are and, with this campaign, we are celebrating all our amazing differences.”

Online, from today (13th September), people will be able to find out more about Elsie and Frank, as well as share stories, advice and inspiration in the new interactive area at

A new free guide to planning ahead has also been produced, which is available from the website or by contacting The Co-operative on 0800 023 4710.

“The new campaign is the next stage on from our earlier spring campaign, building on the successes we gained to create a much more vivid, engaging and personal approach. It’s all about you being an individual, and being appreciated and treated as an individual – and that’s what we find people really appreciate about The Co-operative.

“The Co-operative Wills and Funeral Planning Service concentrates on the personal touches so that everything is designed around the customer and what they’d like to pass on to the people they love.”

The campaign breaks 13th September and runs until 30th November 2010.

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Acquirelists Redefines Data Intelligence Tools With Launch Of New Enterprise Marketing Automation Platform

Acquirelists today unveiled DataProspect Profiler, a new CRM-based sales intelligence tool. This marks the first step in a march toward the next generation of online marketing automation technology and a greater alignment of sales and marketing through data, collaboration and actionable analysis. This new marketing automation system Combines Marketing Database, Campaign Management and Multi-Channel Message Delivery.

Acquirelists Redefines Data Intelligence Tools With Launch Of New Enterprise Marketing Automation Platform

“As per the feedback from our clients, I felt that the solutions supporting B2C and B2B marketers should come together into a single, scalable platform that makes the unique tools of each marketing discipline available to all,” said Sean Gregory, Data acquisition manager of Acquirelists.

Acquirelists DataProspectProfiler is the leading real-time Marketing Automation solution that helps you launch more marketing programs, generate and qualify more leads, and provide cross-campaign reporting. DataProspect Profiler is fundamentally faster and easier to use, especially for non-technical marketers, and the user experience is one that customers use words like “fun” and “love” to describe.

The DataProspectProfiler suite of software applications are integrated; giving you application and data interoperability. And, the same icon-based user interface is embedded across all applications insuring that it is super easy to use. The end result is that you are able to deliver faster, manage more and feel certain that you are accessing real-time data. This architectural advantage is a key reason for Acquirelists DataProspect Profiler rapid growth and is not easily copied by competitors.

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PRPro, the new online media contact service from Gebbie Press

PRPro, the new online media contact service from Gebbie Press, includes US Daily and Weekly newspapers, Radio and TV stations and Trade and Consumer magazines, as well as Black and Hispanic media.

Gebbie Press, provider of industry leading media directories since 1955, announced that it is now offering PRPro, the new powerful online version of their Gebbie Press All-In-One Media Directory. Because the information is now delivered online, customers have a complete solution to act on the media contact information without needing to export to a spreadsheet, database, or various “point” solutions.

“We pride ourselves on being one of the longest continuously operating, privately held media directory publishers in the U.S.,” said Mark Gebbie, president and owner of Gebbie Press, Inc. “Online delivery of our content to our customers is something that we’ve considered for several years. But we didn’t want to offer only a limited online application, as many of our competitors have done. We wanted to provide a true turnkey solution for our customers to view the information, search it, and then to act on it, all through the same application”.

Features include the ability to create targeted email campaigns, export fax numbers, print mailing labels and reports. US Daily and Weekly newspapers, Radio and TV stations and Trade and Consumer Magazines may be selected by state, metro market rank, circulation, station format or network and zip code radius. Black and Hispanic media are included.

The new Gebbie Press online PRPro version is available now and a free trial version may be found at

Gebbie Press has been in business since 1955 and has earned a reputation for providing a high quality media directories at a value price. Gebbie media directories are in use at thousands of universities, PR, marketing and advertising firms, public libraries, all branches of local, state and federal government, major corporations, associations, hospitals, non-for-profit organizations and many other organization that need to publicize products or services. For more information, see

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Video Game Franchisor, Playntrade Selects Frandeavor To Launch A Six-Month Campaign To Generate Leads For Its Area Director Markets

200 unit video game franchisorPlayNTrade, selects FRANDEAVOR, a lead generation and franchise development firm, to launch a six month franchise recruitment campaign funded by an Area Director co-op advertising fund.

PlayNTrade issued a request for proposal from two advertising firms and FRANDEAVOR. According to PlayNTrade Vice President of Franchise Development, Charles Franklin, “FRANDEAVOR’ was selected because founder, Christine Mudd, took the time to understand our business and what we are trying to achieve”.

All 30 of PlayNTrade’s Area Director’s have chosen to participate in the co-op advertising fund in efforts to attract qualified candidates in target markets across the United States.

The Campaign will consist of a variety of mediums to include an online presence and more traditional media as well.

“I believe FRANDEAVOR is able to offer a unique service. Rather than relying on just one Media Company we can establish partnerships with the experts in SEM, online media, newspaper print, etc. FRANDEAVOR ensures there is a unified voice across the entire campaign while zeroing in on designated markets”, said FRANDEAVOR founder, Christine Mudd.

As franchise lead generation continues to be a competitive industry, many franchisors will follows PlayNTrade’s lead in launching new and innovative campaigns.

FRANDEAVOR was founded in 2008, is a franchise development company that assists franchisors with lead generation and franchise sales. With over 35 years of experience in sales and development, FRANDEAVOR, provides a professional sales team with a proven system and process for generating leads and closing deals. View company website at

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BT Tradespace Launches New Platform To Help Businesses Win Customers

BT Tradespace survey reveals the use of business social networking sites as a promotional tool has doubled in the last six months, but it still remains a relatively untapped business goldmine.

The BT Tradespace research, which examined how small businesses market themselves, how they network and the technology they use to do so, found that 15% of companies are now promoted on social networking sites compared to just 7% at the beginning of the year.

The survey revealed that start-up companies log on the most, with one in five (22%) using social networking sites, compared to just one in ten home-based (13%) and growing businesses (11%).

The research also revealed that whilst the majority of companies are aware of the benefits of online marketing, just over half have a company website (52%) and over a fifth of businesses (22%) do no marketing at all.

Mick Hegarty, head of BT Tradespace said: “More and more businesses are starting to use social networking platforms to win and attract new customers. But many are still failing to realise the full potential of the web to help them compete and thrive in our changing world. Smaller companies do much of their business through relationships and referrals and professional networking enables them to play to their strengths whenever they interact with customers, suppliers and business partners.”

To help small businesses harness technology and attract new customers, BT has launched a new platform, called Marketplace, on its social networking site, BT Tradespace. With new ecommerce features, deeper navigation, enhanced search functionalities and richer content, this free online community offers a greater experience and more interactive relationships for companies, individual sellers and customers looking to do business.

Hegarty continued: “Social media is constantly evolving and the launch of Marketplace demonstrates our commitment to offer businesses tools that allow them to communicate with consumers in the same way that they communicate with each other. With over 270,000 customers to date, BT Tradespace makes online marketing simple, interactive and most importantly, cost-effective for businesses in the current economic climate.”

The research also revealed a clear regional split across the country. London topped the league table, with 24% of businesses using social networking sites to market their company. This was following by the South East and North West with 19% each, compared with just 8% of businesses in Scotland.

About BT
BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services operating in 170 countries. Its principal activities include the provision of networked IT services globally; local, national and international telecommunications services to our customers for use at home, at work and on the move; broadband and internet products and services and converged fixed/mobile products and services. BT consists principally of four lines of business: BT Global Services, Openreach, BT Retail and BT Wholesale.

In the year ended March 31, 2008, BT Group’s revenue was £20,704 million with profit before taxation and specific items of £2,506 million.

British Telecommunications plc (BT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BT Group plc and encompasses virtually all businesses and assets of the BT Group. BT Group plc is listed on stock exchanges in London and New York.

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The Cerebral Palsy Associations Of New York State’s Metro Services Has Chosen BRANDEMiX To Brand And Launch An Employee Communications Campaign

The Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State’s Metro Services has chosen BRANDEMiX, the NYC-based communications consultancy known for innovative branding around human resources initiatives, to brand and launch an employee communications campaign in support of their new strategic plan.

Of Metro Services’ 1,600 employees, 1,100 work offsite providing direct support in group homes and elsewhere in the community.

“A dispersed staff performing on-site services poses unique communications challenges,” says Janis Pshena, VP of Human Resources for Metro Services, “especially when attempting to implement a new strategic plan.”

According to a Flinders University report, worker isolation is one of the issues that contribute to the high turnover in the direct care profession.

“Successful internal branding and communication means higher retention which translates into long-term cost savings and improved quality of service,” says Jody Ordioni, President of BRANDEMiX“We’re implementing a series of solutions that inform staff, convey employer support, and inspire a sense of teamwork around the new strategic goals.”

Metro Services’ new strategic plan will guide the organization through 2013 as they work to promote personal choice and independence, and enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

BRANDEMiX is a woman-owned marketing/communications firm dedicated to branding in support of business initiatives. Bridging the traditional gap between marketing, advertising, internal communications and Human Resources, BRANDEMiX creates consistent, relevant and brand-aligned messages across all print and interactive channels, forming a line of sight from strategy to your employees, investors and consumers. Clients include many of the Fortune 500 as well as non-profit organizations in education, healthcare and social services. Learn more at

About Cerebral Palsy NYS Metro Services
In addition to comprehensive health care services, Cerebral Palsy of NYS Metro Services offers a wide range of programs and services designed to support individuals with disabilities in leading more independent and productive lives. These include community living services, adult day programs, vocational services, traumatic brain injury services, summer camp and vacations, service coordination and family support services. Metro Services is part of Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State.

To learn more about the organization click to go to the CP of NYS website:

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Bill Koerner and Darren Salkeld provide details on how to build your own big ticket commission business

Bill Koerner, president of Transamerican East Funding (TEF), announced that TEF has joined forces with Darren Salkeld, President of Rocan International, Tarpon Springs, Florida to widely reveal the eagerly anticipated work from home business building blueprint known as the Instant Income Plan. Among other things they expose five straightforward dynamic success fundamentals that every home based business entrepreneur must immediately implement in order to achieve online financial success.

Koerner stated: ”We’re thrilled to be associated with Darren Salkeld and the Instant Income Plan. Darren has assembled an elite team of likeminded Millionaire Mentors who all agree that working smarter – not harder is the key to success. He has built -from the ground up – many wildly profitable businesses, over the last several years. There are common success threads that run through them all. This specific blueprint enables home based business entrepreneur’s to easily and quickly put it all together so they can finally succeed in any business venture is what The Instant Income Plan is all about.”

Koerner continued, “The Instant Income Plan is a standalone product that walks any entrepreneur through the steps, processes and marketing techniques necessary to succeed rapidly. The quicker the cash-flow arrives, the odds of success increase dramatically. The business model works regardless of where the entrepreneur resides. It’s called ‘Instant’ because it provides regular people an outstanding educational resource, creates an almost immediate online presence along with live support from a very successful company.”

Koerner goes on to state, “Darren’s background is very similar to many people in this country. He comes from a small town and he was taught that you have to work hard to be successful. Working hard has been a way of life for Darren. In the free Instant Income Report, Darren reveals the trials and tribulations he went through.

Darren has achieved enormous success but it was not overnight. He’s convinced you must be very committed, be crystal clear on your goals and have a burning desire to turn your life around if you ever want to realize your dreams as a reality. He states, just buying a product, whatever it might be, won’t do anything for anybody. Darren has witnessed good people getting sucked into Money making schemes, scams, get rich quick offers and other garbage online. Unfortunately, thousands of aspiring entrepreneur’s suffer this fate. You must be very careful and know what you are looking for. The Instant Income Plan puts it all together for the entrepreneur. It solves the money puzzle.”

How to source great quality products at a price that insures profit is an essential key to success and the Instant Income Plan teaches the entrepreneur precisely how to accomplish this. It guides you, in detail how to take any quality product and successfully market it for highest sale conversions in the shortest time period. Merged with supreme customer service, personalized follow up and continued added value makes for an extremely profitable combination.” For more information, personal guidance, video explanations and a Free report on direct response internet marketing strategies, visit:

About Bill Koerner and Transamerican East Funding:
Bill Koerner is an asset based financing expert in the residential and commercial arenas and has provided hands on training to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide. Bill has developed many nationally recognized creative financial products for the real estate industry over the past 14 years and is the author of the nationally recognized Owner Finance Program.

As CEO of Transamerican East Funding, Bill is diversifying the company’s financial position by developing an immediate Internet presence as a marketing director and partner for the Instant Income Plan.

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Brochures On CD Is An Amazing Marketing Breakthrough That Costs Less Than $0.73 To Produce

Floridians are fiercely state patriotic. We all share a little bit of the limelight and fame when one of our own becomes famous to any degree. Whether it be the Heisman Trophy, or being one of the top 10 places to live in the state – when one succeeds we all succeed.

North Central Floridians now have another reason to be proud as a locally owned and operated company has created what many industry experts are calling the “iPod” for marketing and advertising. This amazing marketing breakthrough costs less than $0.73 to produce, and its crammed full with hi-resolution images and video, includes professional voice narration, custom music, special effects, and it seamlessly connects to the Internet. It’s entertaining, informative, and preferred 7 times better than print media and 5 times better than the Internet. It does the same thing over and over and over, regardless of the day of the week or the time of the day or who plays it or even where it is played. It looks and behaves like a DVD but costs less than half to produce and offers more because it allows a user to connect to and from the Internet without missing a beat providing live interactive media and feedback opportunity. It’s called Brochures On CD and it “Brings Your Brochures To LifeTM.”

The Brochure On CD starts on its own; has no buttons to push or programs to download, simply place the disc in CD tray and close…in just a few seconds you’ll be greeted by wonderful music compilation custom created to meet the demands of the target audience and product as well as a lively welcome screen advising that the CD is preparing to run. A few moments later a hi-resolution presentation begins with its’ own custom music and narration.

Brochures On CD corporate recently created a full function demo CD, prepared for the State of Alaska, titled “Beyond Your DreamsTM” and is simply stunning. The photographs and videos are hi-resolution and significantly larger than those available online. The stereo sound, narration, and special effects make the CDs easy to watch and enjoy…all the time marketing the attributes of a trip to Alaska.

Most are amazed to see how much these little discs can do. According to the Gainesville resident and President of Brochures On CD, Brent Russell, “We invested a little over $300,000 to develop a systematized approach to production that makes our tools extremely affordable…technology is great but it has to be affordable and it has to work in a near universal manner…not a small feat.” All from this little disc that costs less than most spend on a color pamphlet.

Introduced in September 2008, the response has been very positive; “we are in negotiations with several States, convention bureaus, and well known cruise lines…we have secured contracts with private industry and a national retailer/wholesaler. We expect to hire additional staff in the near future and expand our production capabilities in Gainesville”…says Russell.

But this is just the beginning, Brochures On CD has loaded numerous documents and brochures onto the CD that can be viewed and printed; best of all Brochures On CD has added dozens of “hotlinks” in these documents that allow a user to click on topics that open a corresponding Internet webpage. Russell adds “the CD is intended to complement a Client’s website by seamlessly linking to and from the CD…this is not a replacement for the Internet…it’s the tool that drives prospect to your site.”

The Internet connectivity is a marvelous addition to this tool…it adds a whole new dimension to the product. The system developed by Brochures On CD can produce most projects in less than 75 days and provide updates in less than 21 days for about 1/4th the cost of a DVD production…yet another one of the many benefits.

“This is THE perfect marketing tool…it delivers THE message your prospect needs to hear every single time it is played” says Bryan Bauman, Vice President and Director of National Sales. He points out dozens of other attributes that include the ability to mail the CD with a cover letter in a standard #10 envelope for $0.42.

“The Brochures On CD product saves $0.58 per mailing over the average cost of a full size DVD/CD and more than $1.20 in savings for an average print brochure”…says Bauman.

Brochures On CD is based in Gainesville, Florida with offices located in the Dallas and Pensacola. Graphic services are provided by neutral7 design group…a group Russell describes as “Creative and RESULTS Driven.” Clients served include state and private tourist agencies, private industry, and retailers/wholesalers…essentially any business that can benefit from a marketing piece that is educational and entertaining. The ultra-low production costs, ease of distribution, and Internet connectivity makes this a product that has near universal application. More about Brochures On CD is available online at Free demonstration discs are available via online requests or call toll free at (866) 999-9155 x719.

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Welcome to EPR Marketing News

EPR Marketing News is a new blog, part of EPR Network, that is going to be focused on and will be covering the marketing news and stories from press releases published on EPR Network.

EPR Network (EPR stands for express press release) is one of the nation’s largest press release distribution networks on Web. The EPR’s nationwide network includes 12 State based PR sites, one major PR forum and a number of industry specific PR blogs and what started as a hobby on Internet years ago turned out to be a rapidly growing business today. EPR Network is also known as one of the most trusted (human optimized, published, edited and monitored, spam/scam/low quality PR content free) PR sites on the web with more than 10,000 company and individual press releases distributed per month. EPR Network is putting your press releases on top of all major search engines’ results and is reaching thousands of individuals, companies, PR specialists, media professionals, bloggers and journalists every day.

EPR Network has thousands of clients around the world including global 500 corporations like Hilton Hotels, Barclays Bank, AXA Insurance, Tesco UK, eBay/Skype, Emirates, just to name a few. The network’s PR web sites are currently reaching from 150,000 to sometimes 500,000 unique visitors per month while our viral reach could possibly go to as much as 1M people per month through our presence across various social media sites. EPR Network was established in 2004 and as of May 2008 it had more than 800,000 press releases (pages) published on its network.

If you have a press release to be distributed, you can do it over here: press release distribution