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Projection Mapping Uncovers Endless Opportunities to Engage Audiences with Their Environment

Nic Whelan, Head of Business Development at Event Marketing Solutions, discusses the impact of the new technological trend of projection mapping on his clients’ roadshows…

Once in a while a new technology trend takes hold and, before you know it, creative application has taken it to a whole new level.

Over the last few months Event Marketing Solutions has been working with projection mapping. If you are unfamiliar with the technique, here’s a good explanation, courtesy of Wikipedia;

‘Projection mapping, also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection.’

So, what does this mean for the roadshow truck tour business?

This exciting new projection technique provides endless opportunities for engaging audiences with their environment and can work both on the exterior of an exhibition truck and inside.

It can be used to add extra dimensions and create optical illusions as well as give the idea of movement to fixed objects. It can turn any surface into a dynamic video display and, control through a sensory device means that music can work with movement, creating a fully immersive experience for the onlooker.

Used on the exterior, and under nightfall, an exhibition truck can be transformed into a vibrant dancing 3D canvas with light projection used to give the appearance of movement, creating engaging imagery and stunning results. Here are some excellent examples that showcase how this can work:

Lighting solutions specialist Mr Beam proves here just what is possible for roadshow truck interiors by transforming a living room into a 3D projection area with changing colours, patterns, textures and furniture.

It’s not just the B2C brands that are hooked; EMS is currently working on B2B concepts to develop a new type of experience for business audiences based on projection mapping techniques.

But they are not the only ones to be inspired by projection mapping’s potential to wow and engage. Last year Mercedes CLA showcased in several cities in Switzerland, using projection mapping to turn heads – lighting up the car’s exterior with playful changing colours and graphics.

A creative mind can run wild with the myriad of opportunities available to us with projection mapping techniques, mesmerising and connecting visitors with their environment which changes right before their eyes.

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Exhibition Trailers specialists ask ‘Are fashion trucks the next big thing?

Brian Child, Sales & Marketing Director atEvent Marketing Solutions considers the latest trend hitting the U.S. – retail truck tours – and how this new take on retail could be the next big thing on this side of the pond.

More than 60,000 high streets shops are predicted to close and 164 retail chains to go into administration, according to the recent Retail Futures 2018 report from the Centre of Retail Research.

There’s no doubt that the high street is struggling as bricks and mortar give way to the online world. But it’s not all doom and gloom and those that are offering an immersive shopping experiences, using new technology and techniques to engage customers are prospering.

It’s simply a matter of survival and one of the latest trends hitting the U.S. is the use of retail trucks to better reach and engage shoppers.

Going mobile is proven to be one of the most effective ways to get brands and products directly in front of customers. Fashion is everywhere and so it makes sense that this concept has made its way into the retail arena.

‘Fashion trucks’ or ‘mobile boutiques’ are now making their way around the States from East Coast to West, the Mid West, South, and so it goes on. Both small niche designers and big name brands have jumped on board with New York designer Cynthia Rowley and Aether Apparel among them as well as Madewell, which recently embarked on a 14-city roadtrip.

The phenomenon has grown so popular over the last few years that it even has its own association, The American Mobile Retail Association, and code of ethics which caters to both mobile retailers and their communities.

For on-line retailers it’s an opportunity to establish a real physical connection with their customers. People can interact in a way that is impossible on-line. Of course, the use of social media will make the truck ‘phygital’ and attract a much larger audience.
So why do roadshow truck tours translate so well to the retail environment?

Impact – Nothing makes a presence like a truck, especially when fully branded and packed with a creative retail experience. A mobile pop up store is a sure way to draw a crowd.

Personal experience – It allows brands to take products direct to customers, providing a branded/immersive experience in a captivating environment gives the impression of a more one-to-one exclusive experience, delivering personal service that shoppers expect.

Mobile billboard – not just about the event itself, while on the road you are a mobile billboard advertising your products and brand.
Fashion forward – capitalising on nature of shoppers; this is a new trend/innovative, this group is receptive to creativity and new ideas.Direct contact – you take your brand and products to the customer, you aren’t waiting for them to arrive in store. Opportunity to move to a new location daily and use social media so shoppers can find you.

Convenience – part of the lure of online shopping is the convenience. By making your store mobile, taking products to customers, it’s a much more convenient way to shop, taking fashion to time constrained people.

You would be in good company too, Aston Martin, Hugo Boss and Samsung are already getting ahead here in the UK with the use of mobile retail truck tours, what’s more it’s giving them a USP and a powerful retail edge over their competitors.

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Self-funded art happening in Dubai set to demolish boundaries for art sake

“The BIG Picture” exhibition will be hosted by the Gallery of Light at Dubai Community Theatre & Art Centre (DUCTAC) on the weekend of 6 – 8 June 2013.

The BIG Picture is an independent art exhibition; self-funded and organized by participating artists. The concept is inspired by a fast and busy society that often magnifies minor issues and gets caught up in the details of a demanding daily schedule, while ignoring the vision and the essence of where we are all heading as collectives or individuals and neglecting the significance of the journey and the overall process we each follow.

The BIG Picture demolishes boundaries and gives the artists the freedom to express their interpretation of this message in a simple method, freeing it from art politics, galleries’ profitable guidelines or fame-driven market, while emphasizing the importance of it via large pieces. It is an exhibition that does not limit the artists with the commercial factors and allows them to concentrate on art for art’s sake.

“We live in a vast world; let us look at art from outer space, let us look at the big picture, no matter how big it gets, or small it might need to be” said a member of The Big Picture team.

The BIG Picture will be exploring multifaceted artistic creations, featuring paintings, photography, sculpture, digital art, performance art, installation as well as audio visual arts, by ambitious emerging and published artists.

The BIG Picture will present over 22 Dubai based artists who have been inspired by growing and cosmopolitan societies.

The opening night will be on Thursday 6 June, 19.00-22.00, and the exhibition will continue on Friday and Saturday from 10.00 to 22.00 .

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Promising Signals for Christmas Party Bookings in 2012

Are we seeing the come-back of the corporate Christmas party? Statistics are showing some exciting predictions for Christmas event organisers in 2012.

With more than half of the year behind us now, it must be very pleasing to see some promising statistics coming from this year’s bookings, showing a brighter year for Office Christmas in 2012. Previous years have been rough on Christmas event organisers, but judging on bookings placed January to June 2012, we are about to see a change. Office Christmas are the UK’s leading corporate Christmas Party organisers, who have some interesting statistics to share with us.

In previous years, corporate Christmas parties have been played down in attempt to budget in states of economic uncertainty. However this year we are seeing a change, with growth in the group size of bookings going up to 41% year over year (YOY) for exclusive (private) Christmas party bookings, and an average group size of 183 pax. There is only a slight increase in the price per a person with a 1% YOY, but this is still a positive outcome for the first half of 2012.

Shared (joiner) Christmas parties are also flourishing, producing a 35% YOY and an average group size of 35 pax. Office Christmas have seen a healthy increase of 9% YOY on the price per person with an average customer costing £76 per a head.

Alasdair Adam, MD of Office Christmas commented “Companies have battened down the hatches for the past few years to protect their businesses from harsh conditions and sadly the Christmas party can suffer as a result. A good value for money office Christmas party is the best way to say thank you to staff for sticking with the firm through the tough times and can be achieved from as little as £50 a head – a small price to pay for staff loyalty and appreciation.”

Office Christmas has over 10 years of experience in organising professional events in the UK and Europe. offers themed and bespoke office Christmas parties for companies of any size wanting exclusive or shared work parties.

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Refresh Your Brand Identity with a Blue Pond Sign for your Business

As a sign of economic resurgence Ken Miller, President of Blue Pond Signs, encouraged businesses nationwide to consider reinvigorating their visual identity with custom signs. With the first quarter of the year coming to a close, Miller commented on the rise of businesses choosing to reinvigorate their brand identity in a visual way, with help from Blue Pond Signs.

From interior signs that direct customers to a company’s front door to logos and transitional signage, Blue Pond Signs streamlines the process of creating beautiful, custom visual identities for businesses around the country. The entire process from conception to development to delivery and installation generally takes less than a month, regardless of location.

“Many of our corporate clients are refreshing their brands in response to the return of the competitive marketplace,” said Miller. “Having a strong visual brand presence is an important element as part of this strategy, and creates an immediate yet lasting impression on current and potential customers.”

Blue Pond Signs has served as a premier national purveyor of visual identity and custom sign design for nearly 40 years. The company’s longstanding relationships with vendors throughout the country make for seamless local delivery and installation. Some of Blue Pond’s most popular national products include directory signs, dimensional signs, logo signs, custom plaques, dimensional letters and interior signs.

Blue Pond Signs provides custom business and commercial signage for companies seeking to make a lasting visual impression to potential and current customers. With an emphasis on quality, accuracy and fast delivery, Blue Pond Sign’s customized signage process begins with a free consultation, guidance on materials, creative vision and resulting aesthetic. Once a creative vision is established, Blue Pond creates a quote for the signage project and presents it to the client. In cases where artwork is not readily available, a customized design process occurs directly with the client to create, review and approve proof layouts before construction begins. Once the signs are completed, Blue Pond assists with shipping and installation needs.

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Ciena B2B Roadshow Hits Mobile World Congress After Middle East Success

Leading global telecommunications equipment provider Ciena builds on a highly successful Middle East tour for its EMEA roadshow with a visit to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Delegates at the annual global technology event saw working demonstrations of Ciena’s industry-leading network equipment and software solutions at its unique mobile ‘Innovation Lab’ exhibition trailer.

Managed by B2B marketing roadshow specialist Event Marketing Solutions (EMS), Ciena’s campaign has visited 42 venues in 14 European and Middle Eastern countries since debuting at last year’s Mobile World Congress event. Ciena’s mobile exhibition trailer has travelled nearly 26,000 miles and spent 39 weeks on the road, clocking up 92 event days.

The Middle East leg of the tour in December and January reached important clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Khobar and Kuwait. Last week, the nearly 60,000 visitors to Mobile World Congress had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with Ciena’s intelligent infrastructure solutions,
including some of the most advanced Carrier Ethernet and optical network technologies on the market.

Following the successful event in Barcelona, Ciena’s roadshow heads back to the UK before returning to the road to continue its European tour – Paris being the first stop.

EMS designed and managed the innovative, flexible fit-out of the 13.6m exhibition vehicle, which is branded, with multi-lingual capacity that allows different graphics to be used for each country.

The interior of the exhibition trailer enables Ciena to deliver a bespoke event for each client they visit, from workshops to theatre style. It includes a reception area, specially designed fully air-conditioned server rack to demonstrate and store the high-tech equipment safely, presentation zones with LED screens, interactive workstation area and private meeting room.

Justin Isles, Client Services Director at EMS said: “Ciena’s arrival at Mobile World Congress marks a highly successful 12 months engaging with the worldwide market in a campaign that has broken international boundaries. Each new country has enabled the Ciena team to build relationships face-to-face with a vast number of customers, providing a valuable new business platform.

“The success of the Ciena roadshow has been a tribute to the highly effective, and often complex operational solutions that we can deliver to organisations, which have a real impact on the bottom line.”

Ciena is one of a growing portfolio of EMS clients who are benefiting from technology demonstration roadshows. Other clients include Dell, Samsung and IBM.

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Event Marketing Solutions Repeats its ISO Audit Success

Event Marketing Solutions (EMS) has maintained its high standards in environmental and health & safety processes by passing an ISO audit following a tough two-day assessment.

The roadshow promotions specialists repeated their 2010 success with the ISO 14001 and 18001 accreditations, passing the audit with no non-conformities. The auditor’s report praised EMS for its management of suppliers and storage of hazardous materials as well as for showing ‘good evidence of improvement actions being identified and delegated’.

This latest achievement swiftly follows on from EMS’ success in December last year with quality management accreditation ISO 9001, which maintained EMS’s unbroken record since it first achieved the standard in 2005.

EMS Managing Director Keith Austin said:
“The ISO standards are an important quality benchmark for procurement processes and help reassure clients when dealing with us for the first time. We strive to constantly deliver exceptional high standards of service and this mark of approval demonstrates our commitment to best practice.”

EMS continues to demonstrate its commitment to its environmental responsibilities during all of its direct marketing activities. The latest green initiatives being implemented by the ISO team during 2012 include:

+ Offsetting their previous years carbon omission of all their exhibition trailers
+ Community programmes to clear up the neighbouring landscape to tidy up the local lake
+ Smarter driving training for key employees in the business
+ Reduce electricity and gas consumption

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Government Continues Partnership With EMS To Extend Reach Of Student Finance Tour

The Student Finance campaign is reaching thousands more sixth formers with vital information on university grants, as the government extends its highly-successful roadshow promotions tour.

Event Marketing Solutions (EMS) have been working with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to deliver the initiative, informing sixth form students about the upcoming university fee reforms from September 2012 and the support available to help them participate in higher education.

So far, the event roadshows have visited approximately 1900 schools and colleges, and has reached more than 150,000 students and parents in an ambitious schedule of visits. Due to end in early January, the tour has now been extended to February 3, to allow those schools and colleges who were unable to host an earlier visit to take part too.

The tour followed a rigorous recruitment and three-day training programme to brief and prepare 39 recent graduates as student finance presenters to visit schools and colleges in a specially adapted mobile trailer. Each visit sees the presenter delivering an informative talk as well as a Q&A and one to one session. Students, parents and teachers complete a survey before and after each presentation to enable BIS to fully evaluate knowledge and perception shifts. Impressively, from the results collated to date, 95% of the students asked felt that they understood more about the new financial support available after having received the presentation.

Managing the campaign is EMS’ experienced education team, who have a proven track record of highly successful roadshows for BIS’ Aimhigher education campaign. They are backed by a full-time EMS student finance team whose key focus over five months has been to manage the database and logistically-complex schedule of the 39 presenters as they tour the country in a bespoke exhibition trailer.

EMS Client Services Director Justin Isles said: “We are delighted to work with BIS into February to hopefully reach 25,000 more sixth formers at a vital time in the run up to student finance applications. This two-week extension will allow us to visit more than 250 schools and reach upwards of 190,000 visitors – far exceeding our ambitious target, in what has been a hugely successful, high-profile campaign. It’s further proof of EMS’ ability to manage logistically-demanding, high calibre roadshows that ensure key personnel are in the right place at the right time, every time to deliver our clients’ campaigns.”

Universities and Science Minister David Willetts said: “No one should be put off applying to university because they don’t have the information about the new student finance system. Students need to know that most new undergraduates will not pay upfront costs, there will be more financial support for those from low-income families and everyone will make lower monthly loan repayments than they do now once they are in well paid work.”

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EMS Takes Ciena B2B Roadshow To The Middle East

Leading global telecommunications equipment provider Ciena has begun a new leg of an extensive EMEA roadshow this week as it starts a two-month tour of the Middle East.

The unique mobile ‘Innovation Lab’ offers Ciena’s international customers a personalised, hands-on experience of the company’s industry-leading technologies. Managed by Event Marketing Solutions (EMS), who specialise in managing B2B marketing roadshows, the campaign has already visited 31 venues in 11 European countries this year.

The latest leg of the tour will give clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Khobar and Kuwait a first-hand experience of Ciena’s range of networking equipment and software, which enable the delivery of next-generation voice, video and data services for network operators worldwide.

The roadshow then heads back to Europe, when it will once again showcase to 50,000 delegates at Mobile World Congress, the annual global technology event in Barcelona in February

EMS designed and managed the innovative, flexible fit-out of the 13.6m exhibition trailer. The interior allows Ciena to deliver a tailored event day for each client they visit, from workshops to theatre style for presentations and training.

Features of the exhibition trailer include a welcoming reception area, a specially designed fully air-conditioned server rack to demonstrate and store the high-tech equipment safely, presentation zones with LED screens, interactive workstation area and a private meeting room for one to one discussions.

The exhibition unit is branded with a full graphic vehicle wrap and has a multi-lingual capability, allowing interchangeable graphics to be applied for each country.

Justin Isles, Client Services Director at EMS said: “We are delighted to help Ciena build on its highly effective European tour with a major new territory launch that will allow them to engage one to one with even more customers through to the New Year. This Middle East tour enables Ciena to fully maximise their ROI by making full use of their roadshow vehicle during what is a quiet time for the European market.”

“This campaign has broken international boundaries by offering a truly personalised customer experience in each country, which has been key to its success. It has demonstrated that EMS can deliver a logistically complex operation anywhere in the world. With over a decade of experience behind us, we have the know-how to give our clients a seamless campaign.”

Isles added: “We are confident that our technology roadshows will continue to be in high demand in 2012. This is a growing market for us – our clients know the value of going on the road to demonstrate complex, high-value kit on the doorsteps of international customers.”

Ciena is one of a growing portfolio of EMS clients who are benefitting from technology demonstration roadshows. Other clients include Dell, Samsung and IBM.

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3D Business Travel & Meetings Expo

Launched in October 2010, 3D Business Travel & Meetings Expo introduces a new e-platform for today’s modern, green and time-conscious business travel & hotel professionals at

3D Business Travel & Meetings Expo is an online tradeshow where global business travel, M.I.C.E and hotel services are geared towards an international, regional or local audience. 3D Business Travel & Meetings Expo also introduces fast, effective and affordable Hotel and Travel e-PR services for its online exhibitors with weekly e-newsletter distribution to its 64.346 opt-in database compiled from specific groups of travel buyers and interested global communities of meeting planners, incentive planners, in house M.I.C.E. buyers of corporations, independent travelers and online travel media in 65 countries.

In a hyper-competetive global M.I.C.E. and business travel community, no one wants to miss an opportunity to build that strong network with corporations, institutions, associations, local and international companies organizing educational seminars, meetings, conferences, business travel packages, incentive trips, and corporate events. -a member of MPI (Meeting Professionals International)- is continuously growing with diverse travel buyers and decision makers to be ”in the know” of what is being offered by the registered exhibitors from all over the globe.

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Expohogar Barcelona Books New Modern Venue For 2010 Show

Expohogar Autumn’s move from its former venue to the new Montjuic Exhibition Centre is expected to please both exhibitors and visitors to this popular event, according to Fira de Barcelona, the exhibition’s organisers, who note the first class facilities and better transport links to the city centre.

The show is open only to trade, and will feature exhibitors showcasing the latest designer trends in jewellery, gifts, accessories and homeware. The homeware section includes home textiles, terrace and gardenware, interior decoration and lighting, all with a focus on modern design and practicality.

Montjuic Exhibition Centre’s extensive catchment area will bring in local trade visitors and the international flavour of the exhibits will attract buyers from across Europe, giving unique business opportunities for networking and sales. More than 8,000 attended the show in 2008, with an increase expected this year and the new venue an added draw.

The city is a year round business and tourism destination, with Barcelona Hotels in high demand especially in summer. Booking accommodation in the city centre well in advance is advised by, as both exhibitors and trade visitors to Expohogar Autumn 2010 will be keen to book rooms close to the venue to avoid unnecessary travelling.

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Leading Agrotechnology Event Comes To Bangalore In August 2010

Agritech India, known locally as Bangalore Foodex, will bring trade and consumers to Bangalore’s Palace Grounds in August, with the city’s hoteliers expecting increased bookings

The important South Indian agricultural trade show Agritech India 2010 is slated to open on 30 August and will run till 22nd, attracting a large number of exhibitors, trade visitors and consumers and boosting bookings at Bangalore hotels. The show is being held at the city’s Palace Grounds.

The event is aimed at strengthening the commercial impact of agriculture on the sub continent by showcasing modern practices and technological advancements and improving marketing skills. Opportunities for networking and long term business associations are attracting exhibitors to the event.

With trade shows of this type attracting a high number of visitors as well as exhibitors, booking a room at a cheap Bangalore hotel close to the venue can be difficult usually fill up fast. Trade attendance at the show will include international and domestic visitors from a cross the spectrum of manufacturing, processing, packaging, retail, wholesaling and farming sectors.

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Red Square Exhibitions & Events Unveils New And Innovative Business Solutions

Welcome to Red Square Exhibition and Events, the ultimate ‘One Spot’ destination to all your event/exhibition solutions. Here at Red Square we believe in Listening. It’s all about Comprehending, Creating, Developing and delivering your entire event. We also focus on client and customer relationship, to transcend your event and help meet all the essential guidelines required at any level of work.

Our Creative and dedicated team understands ‘You’, and ‘Your needs’ and focuses on ‘Your return on investment’. We just don’t make promises we make every promise our Accomplishment.

Red Square is flexible, timely and dependable. You can rely on us to help get the details out of the way so that you can concentrate on messages and staffing.

Following is what we do for you:

·   Conferences and meetings
·   Business briefings
·   Customer events
·   Awards dinners
·   Corporate team building events
·   Corporate hospitality
·   Parties and themed evenings
·   Product launches
·   Road shows and exhibitions
we also provide models, hostesses and promoters.

We inspire. We truly do. When it comes to designing displays, we think out of the box (completely lateral thinking). Our stand designers have successfully completed various booth styled construction projects all over UAE, and one such large-scale event, we take in stride is “Your Majesty” show at Mina Al Salam, Dubai.

We have made the whole interaction process more simple, convenient and seamless. We are now a click away to get all your stand designs needs and quotes, absolutely FREE. Just get online, spend few minutes with us and our experts will be right there for you.

Red square provides quick, cost effective solutions to all your events/exhibitions requirements anywhere in the UAE. All of that without any compromise on quality.

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First Cuba Trade Expo Conference To Focus On Current U.S.-Cuba Business Climate

The Cuba Trade Expo ( organizers today announced u p d a t e s to their roster of experts and industry leaders set to participate in this year’s conference, which will take place in Miami, Florida from March 19-20. The two-day conference will feature academic and business luminaries whowill address issues and opportunities related to U.S.-Cuba relations in the face of impending legislative changes promised by the 112 th Congress and the Obama administration.

“The Obama administration brings with it a commitment to change current U.S. policy towards Cuba, therefore it’s not a question of ‘if’ there will be change, but rather a question of when this change will occur and what it means to businesses and consumers in the U.S. ,” said Jonathan Bedard, conference organizer of the Cuba Trade Expo. “The Cuba Trade Expo is a unique forum for experts, companies doing business with Cuba, elected officials and those who are just passionate about Cuba to exchange ideas and opinions, discuss facts and myths and elevate dialogue on this heated issue to the next level.”

Despite the 47 – year – old embargo against Cuba , the U.S is the still the seventh largest exporter to Cuba (4.3% of Cuba ‘s imports are f r o m the U.S.) according to the CIA World FactBook. The White House’s commitment to change the current U.S. policy towards Cuba and the recent approval of a Congressional bill to do the same, portend a lift of the Bush Administration’s restrictions on travel and remittances to Cuba and once again casts a spotlight on this island nation in the waning days of the Fidel Castro era.

In order to prepare the U.S. business community for these and many more expected changes, Cuba Trade Expo will bring expert panelists f r o m across the country with a wide variety of backgrounds to discuss current Cuba business, provide analysis on current U.S-Cuba relations, address the pros and cons of recent policy shifts f r o m a business and political perspective, as well as zero in on key industries likely to be affected, including agriculture, energy and tourism.

Following is an u p d a t e d list of panels, including new presenters set to participate in the 2009 Cuba Trade Expo:

DAY 1: Thursday, March 19

Celebrate Cuba kick-off reception: Event will feature a soon-to-be-named keynote speaker.

DAY 2: Friday, March 20

Panel 1
U.S./Cuba Relations : Session will provide highlights on the current state of U.S./Cuba policy and how businesses and individuals can benefit f r o m the coming changes.

Moderator: Larry Luxner, editor of Cuba News.

Jose Azel , a senior research associate at the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies at the University of Miami . Azel left Cuba in 1961 as a 13 year-old political exile via Operation Pedro Pan- the largest unaccompanied child refugee movement in the history of the Western Hemisphere.

Robert L. Muse , an attorney who has testified on legal issues involving Cuba before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and several other international government bodies.

Panel 2
Business in Cuba Today : Panelists will offer a glimpse of Cuba ‘s economic past and a forecast of its future and the potential impact on business opportunities.

Moderator: Johannes Werner, editor of Cuba Trade and Investment News

Jay Brickman , vice president of government services for Crowley Maritime Corporation, who has served on the Latin American Trade Committee of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Kirby Jones , who was described by Newsweek as having, “better contacts in Cuba than any other American,” and by the New York Times as the “man to see about business in Cuba .”

Jake Colvin , vice president for global trade issues at the National Foreign Trade Council.

Panel 3
Cuba Tourism : Panelists will discuss the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act and speak to Cuba ‘s tourism infrastructure and consider future improvements.

Moderator: Larry Luxner, editor of Cuba News

Daniel E. Waltz , a partner at the Washington D.C. law firm of Patton Boggs LLP where he focuses on international trade and transactions, including compliance with U.S. embargoes of countries such as Cuba , Iran , and Sudan and Syria . He worked closely with Members of Congress and their staffs during the drafting and amending of the Trade Sanctions Reform Act of 2000 that authorized licensed sales of agricultural products f r o m the U.S. to Cuba.

John McAuliff , executive director of the Fund for Reconciliation and Development. He is the first American to participate in Cuba ‘s annual International Tourism Fair and organized a meeting to discuss US/Cuba educational exchange at the Latin American Studies Association held in Montreal.

Panel 4
Agriculture and Energy : Panelists will discuss trade opportunities for businesses ranging f r o m oil conglomerates to small consulting and supply companies.

Moderator: Johannes Werner, editor of Cuba Trade & Investment News

Jorge R. Piñon , energy fellow at the University of Miami ‘s Center for Hemispheric Policy and international energy consultant.

Dwight Roberts , former director for international trade at the Texas Department of Agriculture and current president and CEO for the US Rice Producers Association.

William A. Messina , an agricultural economist with the Food and Resource Economics Department at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).

Panel 5
Cuban Real Estate: The panel will examine how Cuban law addresses property, its ownership by Cubans and examples where foreigners directly own real estate as well as property claims through the U.S. Foreign Claims Settlement Commission.

Moderator: Jonathan Bedard, Founder of the Cuba Trade Expo

Timothy Ashby , general counsel to Siboney Ltd. and to the Havana Group, Inc.,

Antonio R. Zamora , focuses on foreign investments, real estate and corporate law at Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, LLP.

Panel 6
Investing in Cuba ‘s Future : Panel will discuss innovative ways to invest in the future of Cuban business and ways to get ahead of the curve by identifying opportunities that most investors do not understand.

Moderator: Carlos A. Saladrigas f r o m the Cuba Study Group.

Mark Entwistle , president of Chibas Consulting Inc., and former Ambassador of Canada to Cuba f r o m 1993 -1997. During his tenure, Canada became Cuba ‘s largest trade and investment partner.

Philippe Colombani , is an economic advisor of the French Embassy in Havana and has been stationed there since 2005.

Panel 7
Effects of Embargo Changes: a Crossfire-style discussion between opposing sides of the Cuban embargo debate.

About Cuba Trade Expo:
Cuba Trade Expo is an annual conference with a simple goal: to deliver accurate and in-depth information on doing business in Cuba. The conference provides a venue where business owners, investors and others passionate about Cuba can come together to network, explore and learn about the issues and opportunities in the market. For more information about the Cuba Trade Expo or to register for the conference, please

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