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Flexsystems Nominated For The Martha Stewart Made In America Award

San Diego Based Manufacturer, Flexsystems, is nominated in the textile category.

“We have been watching this contest over the past two years and felt that this might be the year to enter a unique plastic company into the mix, said Gracie Rutherford, the Marketing Director at this company.

“Since most if not all of the 2D pvc products like pvc labels, morale badges, 2D zipper pulls, custom sew on patches, logo patches and 2D zipper pulls are made in China, the idea that a USA company could compete against the monolithic giant, China, would be a compelling story” continues Rutherford.

We started supplying the surf and skate companies in California with our cool 2D pvc labels…they worked great on board shorts and flip flops and jackets. Not only do they not peel off or unravel like embroidery, the sun and salt water do not affect them at all. From there, we sold to the major labels in LA and New York…from Calvin Klein to JNCO to Guess and many others. Once the majority of the companies took their clothing packages offshore, we dove into the OEM part business and promotional product business.

And due to demand, we expanded our services. Soon we were not only sewing and heat sealing our custom PVC labels onto garments, bags and hats, we were doing assembly, drop shipping and fulfillment. We also branched into woven labels, morale badges with VELCRO fastening systems, custom patches for motorcycle clubs, police, firemen, martial arts, paintball, airsoft team patches, and most teams and clubs. We also created some custom motorcycle kickstand pads, 2D custom necklaces, pendants and matching earrings as well as unique luggage tags and 2D magnets.

“Probably the biggest news in the past two years is our exclusive agreement for a supply of medical grade PVC” said Melissa De La Rosa, the General Manager for Flexsystems. “The pvc material does not contain any phthalates. Instead, we use a corn ingredient.

“We feel that the Martha Stewart recognition would be a great coup for us and we will try our best to deserve this award. We can use some help before the voting begins, suggested Gary Smith, the Sales Manager at the company. “If you can go to our story on the Martha Stewart website and like or tweet about us, we would appreciate that! “Exclaimed Smith.

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LBi and Kuoni win Travolution Award for Best Use of Search Engine Marketing

With the challenge to cement Kuoni as the market leader in luxury travel, LBi was tasked with meeting an ambitious set of KPIs focused on increasing traffic and revenue, while developing the authority of

LBi responded with a bespoke ‘multi-signal’ strategy, placing SEO, social media, online PR and community engagement at the core of customer communication activities across the organisation.

Up against stiff competition from Propellernet and HouseTrip, the judges were impressed by the campaign results, with Kuoni now outperforming its closest competitors by 5-10% and traffic from non-branded organic search is up about 100% YOY (Source GfK Ascent).

The campaign also put Kuoni at number 1 on Google for holiday related keywords for all top destinations and on the first page of Google for 90% of the ‘holiday’ keywords.

Mark Fleming, SEO & Affiliate Specialist, Kuoni, said: “We switched to a multi-signal search strategy about a year ago, focusing strongly on a broader range of digital and social channels. We’ve been incredibly pleased with the results that have been generated by LBi, and it’s fantastic to know that our campaign has also received recognition from our peers and those within the travel industry.”

Anneli Ritari, Associate Client Director at LBi, said: “Google’s huge Panda algorithm update last year has meant that authority and social signals have become the as important as traffic for helping sites to rank well.

“With Kuoni, we’ve been able to quickly develop and implement a bespoke multi-signal search strategy, which we’re delighted has also captured the imagination of the judges at this year’s Travolution Awards.”

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Incentives Specialist Leighmans Launches Latest Innovation – New 3D Online Catalogue

Leading provider of corporate gifts and customizable incentives Leighmans this week reports the launch of a new online 3D catalogue to help customers enjoy an enhanced experience when sourcing corporate and branded gifts.

Leighmans has been operating for more than 10 years since being founded and the company specializes in bringing customers the very latest incentive ideas and corporate gifts.

Throughout the last decade Leighmans has gone from strength to strength to become one of the leading names in the incentives and corporate gifts sector. The company’s products are designed to help customers incentivize sales forces and reward both customers and staff.

Further to bringing customers the latest and best promotional gifts and merchandise, Leighmans also looks to improve its website whenever possible to make customer experience even more enjoyable.

On top of introducing the new 3D catalogue Leighmans is also offering users 3D glasses to enjoy the experience fully. The site will also be complete with a range of other new 3D functions to enhance user experience still further.

Using the new Leighmans 3D catalogue users can choose a gift and create virtual samples of promotional products then browse them from multiple angles. The site also lets people add artwork and logos to their chosen corporate gifts and branded items.

Darren Leigh, managing director of Leighmans, commented: “We’re delighted to announce our new and innovative 3D catalogue, and we are doing better than ever. Customers really appreciate our efforts in making sure that they have the very latest and most innovative services around.” offers over 100,000 products, ranging from personal care gifts for the hygeine industry to printed mouse mats with logos. Leighmans also offers a design department via which customers can request their own particular artwork be added to gifts that they order.

Darren went on: “There is real value to be had in incentivizing your workforce, and we’re pleased to continue helping people differentiate their brands from their competitors in the marketplace.”

For more information, visit, or follow the action @Leighmans_com.

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Leighmans Announces Ten Years of Success in Branded Gifts Sector

Incentives and rewards specialist Leighmans this week announces that it is celebrating ten years in the gifts and rewards industry.

Darren Leigh founded the Bury-based business a decade ago and the company has enjoyed exponential success since. Demand for innovative, different and best selling products which help companies to incentivize their staff and customers.

Since its foundation a decade ago Leighmans has gone from strength to strength and today enjoys a strong reputation in the industry for innovative products and solutions.

In addition to establishing itself as one of the industry’s leading players, Leighmans has enjoyed exponential financial success. The company is set to exceed the £1 million turnover level this year.

Darren Leigh, founder and managing director, commented: “It’s a great honour to be announcing our tenth anniversary and we’re delighted to be on course for the £1 million turnover target. It’s a great endorsement of the way we work and how we help our customers.” offers over 100,000 products, from branded ladies umbrellas through to case logic bags and much more. Leighmans also boasts an in-house design department which is able to tailor products to customer specifications.

Darren Leigh went on: “We’re delighted to continue helping our customers set themselves apart from the competition. Branded and customized corporate goods and gifts are a fantastic way to incentivize and reward people.”

For more information visit, or follow the company on

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Leighmans Signs Exclusive Distribution Deal and Targets £1m Turnover

Dedicated promotional gifts supplier Leighmans has announced a new, exclusive distribution deal and also that it is on target to reach £1m turnover for the current financial year.

The promotional gifts sector has been buoyant recently and Leighmans products – such as branded polo shirts, post-it notes and more – have been in high demand.

Leighmans was founded a decade ago and has gone from strength to strength in the incentives and rewards sector since, en route to its goal of £1m per year revenues.

Leighmans customers have in recent times ramped up demand for technological gifts such as customisable e-readers, USB memory sticks and iPad duo pens.

2012 has seen Leighmans sign a new partnership to distribute iPrints, technological gadgets which allow mobile phone users to operate their devices even when wearing gloves.

Darren Leigh says: “It’s been a great year for us so far and we are on course to hit our target of £1m turnover – and this is in part due to the demand for new technological gifts such as iPrints.”

“We work closely with all our partners and customers to ensure that they can all choose the right gifts and incentive products and also to help them get the most possible for their budgets.”

Examples of the type of customer Leighmans works with include Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen, the Football Association and McDonald’s. Leighmans offers customers up to 100,000 products and gift ideas.

Leighmans customers use their products as both external gifts for customers and for internal reward and incentive purposes too.

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Business Innovation Competition Lions’ Lair Recognises Leighmans

The Lions’ Lair, one of the North West’s leading business innovation competitions, has recognised in this year’s awards ceremony. Leighmans was announced as the contest’s winner by the expert panel of businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

At the Lions’ Lair event this year Leighmans pitched the new iPrint, a corporate gift and merchandise product. The new item was rated as the winner by the Lions’ Lair panel in a ‘Dragons’ Den’ TV show-style judging session.

At the Lions’ Lair event 2012 Leighmans managing director Darren Leigh went before the judging panel to pitch the iPrint as the latest in innovative corporate gift ideas. The iPrint lets is an adhesive strip that lets people use mobile phone and handheld devices even when they are wearing heavy gloves.

Leighmans has received positive feedback from customers about the new iPrints, with companies citing mobile and commuting workers as particular fans.

Leighmans MD Darren Leigh says: “This is a real privilege and we’re pleased to receive this award from the Lions’ Lair panel. The judges obviously liked the quality of the new iPrint product we have sourced for our customers.”

Leighmans has offices in Bury, Lancs, and works with customers of all sizes – from SMBs through to blue-chip companies.

For further information, please visit

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More Marketing press releases Placed in Distributor of Year Category at BPMA Awards

This year’s British Promotional Merchandise Association Awards ceremony saw rated in the ‘Distributor of the Year 2011’ category by the industry body. The promotional products supplier placed as ‘finalist’ at the prestigious event.

The BPMA Awards mark the end of the calendar year in the promotional items industry and recognize those companies which have performed highly throughout the preceding 12 months. The BPMA monitors professional standards in the promotional sector and has been in existence for over 45 years.

Each year the BPMA rates and judges the best suppliers in the industry with awards handed out to companies in the sectors Campaign of the Year, Supplier of the Year, Personality of the Year, Innovative Product of the Year and Distributor of the Year.

At this year’s ceremony was awarded the status of ‘finalist’ in the highly-regarded ‘distributor’ category.

Darren Leigh, Director at, said, “It’s great to be listed again by the BPMA at the end of year awards ceremony, we’re really pleased with the recognition. It’s a testimony to the service we give to partners and suppliers and also an endorsement of the quality products we supply to customers,” said Leigh.

“ is a trusted brand in the space and known for offering an extensive product range – we can supply everything from printed mugs to printed sports bottles – and this recognition is for every member of our hardworking team.”

Though many companies continue to work to restricted budgets, Darren Leigh is confident that will continue to go from strength to strength.

“Being listed by the BPMA is a real endorsement of the fine work we have done throughout all of 2011 – and we have enjoyed every minute of it. Our customers and partners can look forward to an even higher standard of service from us throughout 2012.”

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Letters To Santa Bring Joy To The Little Santa Letter Helpers

hildren everywhere send Letters to Santa during the holiday season. Santa regularly hears from children that live in Canada, the United States, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, and so many other places.

Because children come from different places and they are individuals with various wants and needs, each letter written to Santa is slightly different than the others he receives. Children that live in Hawaii often ask Santa for new swim gear and children that live in Canada are likely to ask for new sleds or snowboards. The point is, the letters written to Santa Claus are personalized to meet the needs and wants of the individual child writing the letter.

But even so, there are a few things that most children have in common as they write. First of all, most children want to insure that they are on Santa’s Nice list. This means that for some, they will be direct and ask; for others, they will simply explain away any naughty behavior. The second thing that most of these letters include is a list of toys and other gifts that the children would like to receive for Christmas. After all, they don’t want to be disappointed when Christmas morning arrives!

The third and final thing included in most letters written to Santa Claus is a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Santa Claus and his helpers for the wonderful Christmases of years past. Those helpers most often mentioned are the elves and the reindeer. The reindeer are well aware of the appreciation felt for their services of flying Santa around the world on Christmas Eve because children often leave treats out for them to eat on that special night.

But when it comes to the little elves that work hard all year to insure that every toy asked for is delivered on time, these letters are the only way they find out how much the children value what they do. That’s why Santa and Mrs. Claus share these letters with the elves. Letters that mention the elves are some of the most special ones that Santa receives all year long.

When Santa letters mention the elves and an appreciation for their work it makes them realize just how important their role really is. Christmas could not be Christmas without the help of the elves. Many times Santa will write a special note to children which reminds them of all the hard work done by the elves, the reindeer, all the other animals at the North Pole. Santa knows that without their help he could not make Christmas as magical as it is. A Letter from Santa is only made possible because Santa has the time to write them – and he would not have that time available without the help of the elves.

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus work hard to let all their helpers know just how appreciated they really are. In fact, Santa has a special holiday set aside just for his helpers – it’s a day that no work is done and everyone receives a special gift. Santa decorates the walls of his home with all the letters that include a special ‘Thank You’ for the elves, the reindeer, and the other helpers. Mrs. Claus cooks a delicious meal for the entire group and they eat, sing and dance all day. This is the way the helpers celebrate a job well done!

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The Christmas Tree And Santa Letters From Santa Himself

Each year, the mouse family that lives in the wall in the big house looks forward to the holiday season. This is a special time of year for them. They decorate their home from top to bottom – even the hole in the wall gets trimmed out beautifully. After all, that hole is the door to the family home and they want it to be lovely to look at as well as welcoming. The fact is, when the weather is cold outside it is not unusual for homeless mouse or two to wander into the big house, looking for warmth and comfort.

Marty, one of the younger mice children, especially loves it when they have guests in their home. You see Marty is full of adventure and he sneaks out into the big house at every chance. He cannot wait to get big enough to go out alone into the real world. He wants to know what’s out there. So when a mouse that has been on the outside pays a visit Marty is thrilled. This is another opportunity to learn about the world that exists outside of the big house.

The only thing that compares to Marty’s love of adventure is his love for Christmas and all that goes with it. Marty believes that Santa Claus is the nicest person in the world. That’s why the little white mouse is so careful when he writes his Santa letter. He wants Santa to like him and keep him on Santa’s Nice List. Every year Marty looks forward to receiving personalized letters from santa, and this year is no different.

Marty was proud as could be to contribute all sorts of decorations. On a recent visit to the big house he had met a little girl named Hailei Corin, mailing out a santa letter. She was very nice and she gave Marty lots of great stuff to take back to his mouse house. Marty found that she had provided glitter, colorful bits of thread and ribbon, and buttons. Those items were the perfect trimmings for the mouse family’s Christmas tree. He just knew that story would insure that he would receive letters from santa each and every year!

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Styles Checks™ Gets A New Look

Since its inception, Styles Checks™ has always offered consumers a wide variety of personal check designs. Styles Checks has earned a place at the top of the check printing industry with a large selection of licensed products including I Love Lucy and the work of Gary Patterson, while also providing simpler and more professional designs. However, after more than a decade in the business, it was time for Styles Checks to have a makeover. By adding over 200 new check designs and accessories through Image by Styles and adjusting the color scheme and branding, Styles Checks now has a much more modern feel.

Styles Checks™

On May 1, 2009, Styles Checks™ launched its redesigned website. The newest addition to the site is the Image by Styles category and all the new check designs, but there are other significant changes as well. To express a more modern look and feel, the site’s colors were changed f r o m dark reds to bright blues and pinks. Additionally, the branding has changed slightly to convey this new and improved appearance. The new Styles Checks™ site has a much cleaner and sophisticated look, making it easier for consumers to locate their desired products on the website. By incorporating drop down menus and graphical navigation, the home page has been improved to coordinate products, categories, and designs. Enhancements to the image preview option and product descriptions make selecting the products that interest you quick and simple. Overall, the site is easier to maneuver and more aesthetically pleasing to consumers.

Whether you have visited Styles Checks™ in the past or if your visit to the new site will be your first, it is sure to be a pleasant experience. Styles Checks™ has taken on a whole new look with a modernized color scheme and new branding for the website as well as additional designs to browse. Brand Director, Mikki Wilson, said, “We are very excited about the new look for Styles. We look forward to the continued growth based on the new site product offerings, designs, and branding.” Visit the site to view everything it has to offer and you are sure to walk away with something you love!

About Styles Checks™:
Whatever interest, hobby, or collection you may have, Styles Checks™ is sure to have something for you. Including checks that feature our favorite personalities, colorful designs, and famous brands, Styles Checks™ is certain to have something you can fall in love with! Visit our site to make your daily banking routine a little more interesting!

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A New and Improved Look for

For almost ten years, has been a leading search portal for personal checks, business checks, and other check accessories. While the existing site served its purpose well, 4checks’ executives decided to optimize the site in order to give each consumer the best possible experience. With this new look and functional enhancements for 4checks, the company hopes to give users a better understanding of the organization and create new and long-lasting relationships among its customers and affiliates.

On March 12, 2009, 4checks released the first version of its new website. The biggest change is the modernized look complete with an updated color scheme and new branding. While the site has become more eye-catching, it has also been changed for more convenience to the consumer. Top selling and newly released designs are now called out on the homepage for users that are looking for a quick purchase, while a category page has been created for consumers that wish to browse for the perfect check design and format. Also on the homepage, special offers have a specific link to show consumers the latest deals on personal and business checks. Additionally, 4checks press releases and blogs have been linked to the new homepage to keep consumers up to date on the happenings of the company. Finally, 4checks is now partnering with EZShield as a fraud protection and prevention measure for not only checks, but consumer identities and credit cards as well. The new homepage provides a link to information about these services.

Whether you have visited 4checks or purchased from its partners before or if this will be your first experience, we are thrilled to have you. Browse through the new and updated features to gain an understanding of the company and then choose a check design that suits you perfectly. Keep checking back for changes and updates to the new site, also. Whatever your purpose, plan a visit to the site soon to find something you love!

For almost a decade, has served as a check search portal for nearly eleven different check printing companies. At customers are able to search by category, specific check type, or checking accessories. With over 800 personal and business checks to choose from, 4checks has a check design for everyone! Visit the site today and search for your perfect check!

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Custom Direct Wins the Gold Award at the 24th Annual Maryland Performance Excellence Awards

The MPEA program serves to support Maryland organizations in their continuous improvement efforts. It recognizes and spotlights role model organizations whose performance is worthy of emulation. Since 1997, Maryland’s awards program has been based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, a national standard for excellence, administered by the National Institute for Standards and Testing (NIST).

Maryland organizations that are progressing in their journey to performance excellence are recognized with Maryland Quality Awards at four levels- Gold, Silver, Bronze and Certificate of Recognition. The Gold award is presented to organizations that demonstrate an effective, systematic approach responsive to the basic requirements of most criteria items. The award application process emphasizes organizational learning and improvement. Applicants conduct a self-assessment of their organization and utilize the written feedback report to improve the way they manage their organization.

Custom Direct’s journey to world class began in 2004 with the integration of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and LEAN principles as the cornerstones for continuous improvement and building a culture of excellence. Custom Direct’s first submission to the MPEA earned them a site visit by a team of Examiners from various industries and this very prestigious award.

Tanya S. Cook, the company’s Director of Quality, who has served as an Examiner for the MPEA and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA), sees this award as a significant milestone in the company’s continued journey to World Class excellence. 

About Custom Direct:
Offering an array of products, Custom Direct is an environmentally friendly company that has been operating since 1992. Initially only producing checks and advertising through, Custom Direct has grown to meet other consumer needs as well. Through, Custom Direct produces other stationery products and custom designed and printed items. Finally, Custom Direct has begun offering anti-fraud, credit card protection, and identity protection and restoration services through its EZShield brand. With so much to offer, Custom Direct truly has something for everyone. 

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Lisa Jane’s Fairies On Personal Checks

Check Gallery is America’s earth-friendly check printer. Because it prides itself on this fact, Check Gallery offers a vast assortment of check designs and banking accessories that appeal to the tastes of nature lovers and “green” consumers. The new “Lisa Jane’s Fairies” design gives an imaginative feel to the forest that is sure to catch the admiration of many Check Gallery customers.

For nearly twenty-five years, Lisa Jane’s creative talent and distinctive styles have earned her almost every degree and honor in professional photography. However, the artist simply sees her work as the ability to “capture a moment in the life of one tiny soul and keep it forever in a photograph.” Check Gallery is very excited to offer the work of such an insightful and talented artist to its consumers.

In early March, 2009, Check Gallery released the new “Lisa Jane’s Fairies” product suite on its website, In four rotating scenes, the personal checks portray toddler girls dressed as beautiful fairies surrounded by blooming flowers, butterflies, bunnies, and birds. The self-adhesive address labels show the same young girls, but only their angelic faces against pink backgrounds. For the checkbook cover and personal contact cards, only one small fairy is featured with a border and backdrop to match her dress and wings.

Check Gallery’s designs have always spoken to a naturalistic audience. In these fairy tale photographs, customers not only get to enjoy a beautiful landscape, but great photography and adorable little fairies as well. “Lisa Jane’s Fairies” is a wonderful new addition to the Check Gallery collection. Visit the site to view this or another design that you are sure to enjoy.

About Check Gallery:
Known for being environmentally-friendly, Check Gallery has been printing and selling checks and check accessories direct to consumers for years. With a vast selection of beautiful designs and useful products, Check Gallery really has something for everyone. Plan a trip to this site and you are sure to find something that will peak your interest!

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Cuddle Up With Artistic Checks New “Dog Days” Check Design

Scenic beauty and artful expression are at the heart of Artistic Check designs. To add to this collection, Artistic Checks is introducing the “Dog Days” check design, featuring the artwork of Tomoyo Pitcher of Paws Greetings. Over twenty top dog breeds are featured against natural landscapes to show a love and appreciation for both dogs and nature.

On February 23, 2009, Artistic Checks launched its “Dog Days” personal checks and accessories through its website, The personal checks include four rotating designs, each featuring different dog breeds. The breeds featured include: German Shepherd, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Beagle, Pug, Golden Retriever, Bulldog, Bassett Hound and more. Each scene shows a group of five illustrated breeds posed against scenic backgrounds. The self-adhesive address labels feature eight different breeds of dogs in rotation against a simple green background. The personal contact card portrays five top dog breeds huddled together in front of a beautiful lake landscape. Finally, the leather checkbook cover depicts ten breeds of dog against a green background. Five dogs are on the front and five dogs are on the back for a smile-invoking design no matter which way you look at it!

Artistic Checks is constantly expanding its collection to include new and exciting check designs. By doing this, the company is able to appeal to many customers at the same time. The addition of the “Dog Days” check design is sure to fit into the existing assortment. Browse the site today to find something you love!

About Artistic Checks:
Artistic Checks is known for its assortment of artwork on personal checks. Many artists have their work portrayed on these products as another way for admirers to enjoy their art. With a variety of works available on their products, Artistic Checks has something for everyone. Browse through the collection to find something you love.

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Artistic Checks launched its new product suite, “Jim Shore’s Angels,”

Through its Masterpiece Collection, Artistic Checks has been able to showcase the artwork of many well-known artists on checks and other banking accessories. Artistic Checks continues to expand its assortment of Masterpiece personal checks with the addition of Jim Shore’s seasonal angels.

Artistic Checks is thrilled to have the work of such a talented artist on its personal banking products. Jim Shore is known worldwide for his stone resin figurine works of art resembling hand-carved wood, folk art paintings and country décor home accessories. This award-winning artist has loved creating artwork since as far back as he can remember and it truly shines through in his work. Artistic Checks is proud to be offering his artwork in another format for his collectors to enjoy.

In February, 2009, Artistic Checks launched its new product suite, “Jim Shore’s Angels,” through its Masterpiece Collection on The personal checks and address labels feature four rotating designs of angels, which represent the four seasons, against landscapes of peaceful, country towns. The paintings are infused with folk-art colors and patterns that give them a very country décor look. The product suite also offers a personal contact card and printed canvas checkbook cover also featuring Jim Shore’s angel artwork.

For over a decade, Artistic Checks has offered the artwork of many well-known artists and painters. The masterpieces of Jim Shore are sure to expand the collection in a new and exciting way as Artistic Checks continues to grow. Visit the site today to view all the outstanding designs available on personal checks and other checking accessories.

About Artistic Checks:
Artistic Checks is known for its assortment of artwork on personal checks. Many artists have their work portrayed on these products as another way for admirers to enjoy their art. With a variety of works available on their products, Artistic Checks has something for everyone. Browse through the collection to find something you love.

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Identity Checks released the new “University of Louisville” design onto its website

Identity Checks truly has the ability to appeal to every customer that comes to the website. With over ten different design categories to choose f r o m, each consumer’s favorite interest, hobby, breed of dog, or university can be featured on his personal checks and other personal or banking accessories. The addition of the “University of Louisville®” product suite will not only expand the Universities category, but it will also give Cardinals™ fans one more way to show their Louisville pride.

On February 9, 2009, Identity Checks released the new “University of Louisville” design onto its website, The personal checks along with the self-adhesive address labels feature a grey background with the intimidating Cardinal logo framing all personal information. Against a black background, the Cardinal stands out on the checkbook cover, debit wallet, and CD cover. Made of genuine leather, the CD cover and debit wallet are great gifts for students and supporters of the University of Louisville. Also, the stickers are a fun twist to the product suite. Portraying five rotating designs, these stickers are a way for fans, especially students, to show their pride to be a Louisville Cardinal at sporting events or just around the campus.

If you are not a Louisville™ fan or a college fan in general, then do not panic. Identity has a wide selection of designs that you are sure to love. Browse through categories like “Special Interests,” “Dog Lovers,” “Destinations,” and more to find one that speaks to you. Visit the site today and make paying bills more exciting!

About Identity Checks:
Since its beginning, Identity Checks has grown tremendously to include many different designs and products. The main focus has been to give supporters of various interests one more way to show their pride for something they believe in. F r o m sportsman’s organizations to patriotic themes, f r o m the NHL to more than fifty collegiate teams, Identity Checks has something for everyone. Browse through the site and you are sure to find something you love!

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Video Game Franchisor, Playntrade Selects Frandeavor To Launch A Six-Month Campaign To Generate Leads For Its Area Director Markets

200 unit video game franchisorPlayNTrade, selects FRANDEAVOR, a lead generation and franchise development firm, to launch a six month franchise recruitment campaign funded by an Area Director co-op advertising fund.

PlayNTrade issued a request for proposal from two advertising firms and FRANDEAVOR. According to PlayNTrade Vice President of Franchise Development, Charles Franklin, “FRANDEAVOR’ was selected because founder, Christine Mudd, took the time to understand our business and what we are trying to achieve”.

All 30 of PlayNTrade’s Area Director’s have chosen to participate in the co-op advertising fund in efforts to attract qualified candidates in target markets across the United States.

The Campaign will consist of a variety of mediums to include an online presence and more traditional media as well.

“I believe FRANDEAVOR is able to offer a unique service. Rather than relying on just one Media Company we can establish partnerships with the experts in SEM, online media, newspaper print, etc. FRANDEAVOR ensures there is a unified voice across the entire campaign while zeroing in on designated markets”, said FRANDEAVOR founder, Christine Mudd.

As franchise lead generation continues to be a competitive industry, many franchisors will follows PlayNTrade’s lead in launching new and innovative campaigns.

FRANDEAVOR was founded in 2008, is a franchise development company that assists franchisors with lead generation and franchise sales. With over 35 years of experience in sales and development, FRANDEAVOR, provides a professional sales team with a proven system and process for generating leads and closing deals. View company website at

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Sherry Jordan, Lean Coordinator, Attended The Annual AME Conference And After Telling The Custom Direct Story, Won A Trip To Japan To Learn From The Best In Lean

In 2006, when Custom Direct decided to strive for World Class status, one of its first initiatives was to become a lean company. In order to do this, Custom Direct began using Baldrige criteria for Performance Excellence and Lean Manufacturing techniques as road maps in addition to having employees attend annual conferences held by the Association for Manufacturing Excellence. The AME is a non-profit organization that helps companies become lean in a number of different ways. Everything from lean supply chain management to lean accounting is taught by the AME through interactive training and professionals who provide help and insight by sharing their own success stories.

Sherry Jordan, who has worked for Custom Direct since 1995, became the Lean Coordinator in 2006 to help guide the company through the Lean portion of its journey. Ms. Jordan was chosen as someone who would be committed to the journey and capable of addressing any resistance to change that was sure to be encountered. With the support of the Maryland Technology Extension Services (MTES) and Ms. Jordan’s guidance, Custom Direct has made significant progress in becoming a Lean organization. Ms. Jordan has also earned her bronze certification in Lean awarded by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Shingo Prize, and the AME and serves as a reviewer of applications that are submitted for other bronze level hopefuls.

Having attended the AME conferences since 2006, Sherry Jordan always looks forward to traveling to the event and being able to learn new Lean tools and techniques by touring other organizations and hearing presentations from Lean specialists. At this year’s conference, held in Toronto, Ms. Jordan learned of a contest that Lean Sensei, a consulting firm, was holding through the AME event. The individual who told the best story about his company’s journey from good to great would win a trip to Japan to learn from the masters of Lean. Although reluctant to write her story because the odds of winning seemed slim, Ms. Jordan decided to tell about Custom Direct’s journey in Lean. She told how the company began the journey by engaging employees (and the executive team) and that today, only two years later, the company has realized a 35% improvement in delivery and in some cases, a 45% decrease in defects.

Because she wrote the story quickly from memory and the fact that more than 2400 people from thirty-four different countries attended the conference, Ms. Jordan was shocked when she learned that her entry had won the contest! Traveling to Japan, for five eighteen hour days, will no doubt bring only good things for Custom Direct as Ms. Jordan will learn from the best in Lean. This trip, which will take place in April, 2009, will strengthen her understanding of Lean concepts and enable her to implement new procedures at Custom Direct. Ms. Jordan will also be sharing her story and the details of her trip to Japan at next year’s AME conference in Kentucky.

When asked about her huge accomplishment, Sherry Jordan had this to say, “I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my entry was chosen as the winner! I will do my best to ensure that it pays off for Custom Direct as we continue on our journey to World Class Status! There’s no slowing down in our journey – we have to plow forward regardless of the perceived obstacles.” Congratulations, Sherry!

About Custom Direct:
Offering an array of products, Custom Direct is an environmentally friendly company that has been operating since 1992. Initially only producing checks, Custom Direct has grown to produce other stationery products, custom designed and printed products, and anti-fraud services. With so much to offer, Custom Direct truly has something for everyone. 

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Support The Make-A-Wish Foundation With This New Product Suite From Classic Checks

Classic Checks is known for check designs that sponsor important causes. From designs that feature the Defenders of Wildlife to those that support The National Breast Cancer Association, Classic Checks offers personal checks that sponsor charitable organizations. With checks printed for so many causes, the new Make-A-Wish Foundation personal checkswill fit right into the existing assortment.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a well-known charitable organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening diseases. Since 1980, Make-A-Wish has made over 167, 000 wishes of children come true. The foundation’s goal is to bring laughter and peace to children and their families during heartbreaking times. Make-A-Wish has touched the lives of many children, families, and onlookers. Now, Classic Checks is helping them continue this work by giving a percentage of each purchase back to Make-A-Wish.

On November 20, 2008, Classic Checks released its new Make-A-Wish product suite. The personal checks feature the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s logo amidst colorful modern designs. This way, consumers can support a great cause with great looking checks. Classic Checks is also offering self-adhesive address labels with patterns to match the checks as well as personal contact cards and a leather checkbook cover. These two items offer the same blue and green striped design.

Classic Checks has been helping raise funds for important organizations since its creation in 1995. By supporting specific cause-based organizations, Classic Checks gives consumers the opportunity to support a meaningful cause and help spread the word about it at the same time. The new Make-A-Wish personal checks are sure to further advance the purpose of Classic Checks. Visit Classic Checks today and make your personal checks more meaningful than ever!

About Classic Checks:
Since 1995, Classic Checks has been supporting charitable organizations. By ordering through Classic Checks, you not only support a great cause, but also have beautiful checks. A portion of all check purchases are donated to the organization of your choice as well. Browse through Classic Checks today and find a design that means something to you!

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Identity Checks Launched Three New Product Suites In October To Be Promoted In Its Recently Created, Destinations Category

Identity Checks offers an eclectic mixture of personal check designs and banking accessories. Many of the products promoted by Identity Checks support different hobbies, occupations, sports, and universities. To expand on this assortment, Identity Checks has released three new check designs, into its destinations category.

In October, 2008, Identity Checks released several new designs through its website, In the destinations category of the site, three new check designs have been launched. “Italian Vistas,” “Lindo Puerto Rico,” and “Deutschland” enable consumers to travel the country sides of Italy and Germany with only the help of their checkbooks. The “Italian Vistas” design features photographs of classic cities in Italy on the personal checks and labels, while the contact cards and checkbook cover feature the colors of the flag and the word “Italia” The “Deutschland” design is very similar to “Italian Vistas” in that it also portrays famous cities in Germany on the checks and labels, with the country’s colors on the contact cards and checkbook cover. “Lindo Puerto Rico” is slightly different in that both the checks and accessories display the same classic Puerto Rican design in the background along with the country’s flag.

With so many new designs to add to an already large assortment, Identity Checks has something for everyone. Whether you want to explore your heritage or support your school, Identity Checks has something for you. Visit the site today and discover your interests.

About Identity Checks:
Since its beginning, Identity Checks has grown tremendously to include many different designs and products. Its main focus has been to give supporters of different things one more way to show their pride for something they believe in. Browse through the site and you are sure to find something you love!

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