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SEO Services Company Gets Client 1000 Website Opt Ins Every Month Through Their YouTube Video That Has Hit 100,000 Views

Andy Harrington’s Presentation Skills Video has Reached the 100,000 View Milestone Using Video Results’ SEO Services.

Video Results’ strategies have shown to be more effective than traditional SEO services, especially after all of the SEO changes Google have recently unveiled and implemented. Andy Frain who is the co-director of Video Results and looks after the SEO side of the company says, “Not only are Google rankings for websites getting much harder to achieve, it’s also the fact that a video achieves a picture ‘thumbnail’ listing as opposed to a text listing, which sets it apart fro everything on that Google search page.”

Video Results have mastered the art of video SEO and have dominated the Google and YouTube search results for big, competitive keywords such as “Solar Panels”, “Public Speaking”, “Public Relations”, “How to Play Guitar”, “Colonic Irrigation London”, and“Presentation Skills” to name just a few.

A problem that many companies face with a video marketing campaign is that either they shell out for a really fancy looking video that unfortunately does nothing to boost their sales as it just sits on their website gathering dust, or they work tirelessly to shove any old video to the top of the search results for a keyword that no one is searching for.

Video Results offers the full SEO services package. Their team conducts extensive keyword research to identify the most profitable and relevant keywords for their clients, they create a high quality video for the client that successfully converts viewers in to customers (sometimes at a rate as high as 76%), and they then drive traffic to that video by putting it at the top of search results for that profitable keyword.

Their client, Andy Harrington is consistently receiving 1000 opt ins to his website each and every month, all coming directly from the YouTube video that Video Results created and ranked for him just one year ago. Andy Harrington says, “The return for me has just been massive. Conservatively, it’s £350,000 – £400,000 extra pounds in income every single year.” And with that in mind, it is clear to see why Andy Harrington has reinvested time and again with Video Results for new keywords such as “Public Speaking”.

The future for Video Results is looking to continue from strength to strength, as in the next three months they are set to start implementing new strategies that will double the amount of views, opt ins and sales for their clients. “So much testing and research goes in to improving our SEO services.” Explains Andy, “We test our methods to point of destruction, so we know exactly what the limit is and what not to do, so we can confidently give Google and YouTube exactly what they want.”

Andy explains that where many websites are failing and falling in the rankings as a result of Google’s recent changes, these changes have only served to help Video Results and its clients’ videos. “YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and is of course owned by Google. The future in internet marketing is in video, so it would only be a smart move for businesses to invest in an online video of their own.”

To watch Video Result’s own YouTube video, follow this link or visit their website at

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LBi and Kuoni win Travolution Award for Best Use of Search Engine Marketing

With the challenge to cement Kuoni as the market leader in luxury travel, LBi was tasked with meeting an ambitious set of KPIs focused on increasing traffic and revenue, while developing the authority of

LBi responded with a bespoke ‘multi-signal’ strategy, placing SEO, social media, online PR and community engagement at the core of customer communication activities across the organisation.

Up against stiff competition from Propellernet and HouseTrip, the judges were impressed by the campaign results, with Kuoni now outperforming its closest competitors by 5-10% and traffic from non-branded organic search is up about 100% YOY (Source GfK Ascent).

The campaign also put Kuoni at number 1 on Google for holiday related keywords for all top destinations and on the first page of Google for 90% of the ‘holiday’ keywords.

Mark Fleming, SEO & Affiliate Specialist, Kuoni, said: “We switched to a multi-signal search strategy about a year ago, focusing strongly on a broader range of digital and social channels. We’ve been incredibly pleased with the results that have been generated by LBi, and it’s fantastic to know that our campaign has also received recognition from our peers and those within the travel industry.”

Anneli Ritari, Associate Client Director at LBi, said: “Google’s huge Panda algorithm update last year has meant that authority and social signals have become the as important as traffic for helping sites to rank well.

“With Kuoni, we’ve been able to quickly develop and implement a bespoke multi-signal search strategy, which we’re delighted has also captured the imagination of the judges at this year’s Travolution Awards.”

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SearchCatalyst Highlights Why Duplicate Web Content is Bad for Small Businesses

Duplicate web page content is bad for any website because it greatly affects SEO, but SearchCatalyst, an SEO agency dealing exclusively in small business Internet marketing, says it is particularly bad news for small businesses.

Aside from negatively impacting on a user’s online experience, duplicate content is particularly disastrous for SEO. It affects the site’s credibility, which is one of the most important ways a site can rank highly, organically, on search engines like Google. Google ranks sites based on several criteria, each of which is built into its complicated search algorithm. Relevancy is the most important – does the site list content relevant to the search query? – but credibility is a close second.

However, this issue affects all businesses, big and small. An issue that is more likely to affect small businesses, or expanding ones in the processes of upgrading their websites and online presence comes down to duplicate content on developer sites. Quite often web developer domains – where developers work on websites – are indexed by Google. Developers can be completely unaware they have created duplicate content but as websites take a few months to develop they can sit on developer domains for a while and the duplicate pages will negatively affect search rankings on Google.

This generally impacts small businesses to a greater extent than larger companies because they don’t have the scope and finances to implement new pages quickly.

Google’s algorithms are highly sophisticated and can filter out sites that have duplicate content. Some may be labelled as spam as a result, whilst others will just be listed much lower down on the SERPs. Google has become much better at detecting duplicate content since the Panda algorithm update, which all small businesses and developers should be aware of.

SearchCatalyst offers affordable SEO services to small businesses looking to boost organic search rankings and gain greater online exposure at minimal cost.

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SEO4SITE Hold Free Regular Webinars

Now everyone can prove his online business with essential promotional services for an affordable price and in the short terms.

Not long ago, SEO4SITE professional SEO Company has enlarged a wide range of services to be closer to customers’ needs. This event allows customers to get a lot of advantages:

• it saves customers’ time and money (you shouldn’t apply to many companies to order different services)
• it helps to avoid risk (if you deal with new agency)
• well-coordinated work (all stuff will work with your site and could do all the services properly)

Besides common effective SEO services now SEO4SITE works in two directions: Internet marketing and Analyze. Internet marketing includes such branches as SMM, SMO, ADV, and SERM. Applying to “Analyze” you can order such services: SEO-audit, usability-audit, technical-audit. SEO4SITE –specializes in complex promotion in the USA and other countries. Experienced stuff and 6 years of work experience made the company leading and needed. Time-proved quality is one of the important features of companie’s work. Don’t have any doubts. SEO4SITE is trusted to fulfill search engine optimization for well-known companies from Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Tampa, Minneapolis and London.

Moreover, the company provides individual approach to any offer. At first SEO experts carefully explore customer’s site to work out promotional methods suitable to his business. SEO4SITE is ready to implement customers’ ideas and desires on the web.

To get more additional information contact the SEO4SITE company any way you like.

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Lakestar Media And Diet Chef Plan A Menu Of Online Activity

UK digital marketing agency Lakestar Media has been appointed by Diet Chef, the UK’s largest diet food home delivery company, to create and implement its search engine optimisation and social media strategies.

Edinburgh based Diet Chef provides a complete calorie controlled meal programme delivered directly to the customer to support weight loss. Founded by professional chef Kevin Dorren in 2008, the company now has over 79,000 customers throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

Working with Lakestar Media, Diet Chef intends to develop a comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy to deliver targeted traffic to its website and improve onsite conversion rates in both the UK and Germany. The company will also increase engagement with its audience via relevant social networks such as Facebook and Twitter by providing fans with dieting tips and advice, as well as seeking recommendations on how to improve its products and services.

Liz Dale, Marketing Director at Diet Chef, said: “We know that it is important for us to extend our online presence to reach potential customers who are using the internet to find weight loss advice. Additionally, social media channels will enable us to interact with these customers and grow our profile with them.”

Neil McKay, CEO at Lakestar Media commented: “This is an exciting opportunity for us. Diet Chef has already enjoyed massive success and we are looking forward to helping them achieve their future goals.”

About Lakestar Media
Lakestar Media is a digital marketing agency based in Manchester and London. Established in 2007, Lakestar delivers a mix of services as well as being an SEO agency, these include social media, pay per click services (PPC), affiliate marketing, display advertising and news feeds for its clients.

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Stanley Selects Lakestar Media for SEO

UK online marketing agency Lakestar Media has been chosen by Stanley Security Solutions to create and implement an integrated search engine optimisation campaign.

Stanley Security Solutions, part of recently merged Stanley Black & Decker, is the market leading provider of time and attendance systems and security solutions such as CCTV, intruder alarms and intruder detection and has a strong portfolio of branded products in each sector.

Working with Lakestar, Stanley Security Solutions intends to boost its online presence by improving its organic search rankings and increasing the number of business leads it generates via the internet.

Malcolm Rose, European Marketing Manager at Stanley Security Solutions said: “As the market leader in time and attendance solutions, it’s essential that we stay at the forefront of our customers’ minds. We selected Lakestar Media based on reputation and experience, and we are very pleased with the service we have received to date.”

Neil McKay, CEO at Lakestar Media, commented: “This is an exciting opportunity for us. The Stanley brand is respected worldwide for the quality and value of its products and we are really pleased to be working with this business to boost its online visibility.”

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More Marketing press releases Proves Panda Recovery Is Possible, a national leader in internet marketing, web design, and search optimization company, that specializes in both on-page and off-page optimization is proving recovery from Panda is possible for e-retailers.

When other search engine optimization companies are blaming Google for poor client performance, clients are singing their praises for outstanding results. One recent example came from a newly acquired e-retailer who said, “My previous SEO person just emailed me saying that NO site has yet recovered from Panda; and that a group is attempting to form a class action suit against Google for dropped rankings. We are so pleased to see so many terms that were lost after Panda, now back on pages 1, 2 or 3 as a result of SEOwhat’s strategies.”

“Companies with bad performing clients are simply are not paying attention to what Google wants anymore; it’s simple carelessness on the part of the service provider if they don’t understand Google’s rules”, says company founder Catherine Seven. “Google is working to assure that spammers are no longer rewarded. Does this hurt some big players? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recover from it with the right methods and correctly executed actions.” takes a unique and principled approach to search engine optimization. As a company of 7 years they have successfully navigated the world of online marketing and organic rankings. Further, with a company personnel background grounded in IT that spans more than 15 years, they possess a competitive edge that translates into long-term, lasting results in organic rankings for their clients.“If your SEO Company is telling you no one is recovering from an algorithmic change then chances are that ‘SEO expert’ was only utilizing one variable Google looks for in its long list of qualifications. If you put all your eggs in one basket and Google changes the basket, your eggs are busted: in other words, your rankings will be gone.”

Slow and steady is the advice Seven gives for companies looking to improve from ranking set-backs. “Slow and steady yes, but make sure you are re-building on a solid foundation. What I mean by that is, make sure your site is truly optimized for organic search ranking success. Your house needs to be built strong in order to survive the storm”, Seven continues. “The approach to successful SEO includes more than just re-doing your meta tags and then spamming you out with link building. Our approach involves a deep analysis of your site from an SE (search engine) perspective, as well as the actual structure of your site – we work from the inside all the way out to design and conversion because in the end, the entire package matters.”

The approach does seem to be working successfully for many companies still trying to recover from Panda fall-out. Another national client who preferred to remain anonymous did tell us, “The slow steady process is working and we are excited to be seeing real results. We’re so grateful, after all that we went through to see our terms coming back. We know no other company would have the expertise to ‘fix’ our site – Catherine Seven and the team did it”.

It’s not just new clients touting the genius of and their successful approach to SEO, but long term clients alike. Ron Yates, owner of J.R.Yates has been with since 2006. “I believe our website has avoided negative repercussions from algorithmic updates, like Panda because the SEO strategies that employs are solid, sound strategies”, said Yates. “We are proof that their refusal to compete in the marketplace with gimmicks and spamming techniques is a benefit to us, the client. takes a quality steady work approach that adds value to our website and to our rankings within the search engine.”

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The Harley Medical Group and Lakestar Media Drive Brand Engagement Through Social Media

The Harley Medical Group will engage with prospective clients through an integrated social media strategy devised by Lakestar Media.

The Harley Medical Group, the UK and Ireland’s leading provider of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical and laser treatments, will use social media to deliver up to the minute special offers to fans and followers, as well as information on its latest procedures.

Lakestar Media, which also manages search engine optimisation, paid search, display advertising and industry news campaigns for The Harley Medical Group, has created a social media strategy which encompasses a variety of relevant platforms. The program of activity also involves extensive brand monitoring and reputation management to further understand and hone the online image of the brand.

As part of the current strategy, Lakestar Media has implemented and is running a Facebook competition on behalf of The Harley Medical Group to find the new face of the brand for 2012. The competition is being hosted on Facebook and promoted by a combination of online and offline marketing channels. The winner will receive £1,000 and the chance to appear in the poster and television campaign for The Harley Medical Group next year.

Liz Dale, Director of Marketing at The Harley Medical Group, said: “This is an exciting time for us as we extend our online marketing channels to create the opportunity to increase interaction with an extended audience, and grow our profile with them.”

Neil McKay, CEO at Lakestar Media, commented: “The Harley Medical Group has a prestigious reputation for clinical excellence and should be reflected through its social media presence. Our strategy focuses on ensuring The Harley Medical Group is providing clear, concise information about procedures and targeted, relevant offers that are appropriate for its clients across the country.”

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Website Designers In Nottingham Join Marketing Quotes

During September 2011, website designers around Nottingham have been joining Marketing Quotes as the level of website design enquiries from the area has gone up.

There are around 1000 website designers in Nottingham and the surrounding area, so businesses have the difficulty of selecting the right one for their needs.

Anne Richards of Marketing Quotes commented ‘I guess now the schools are back and businesses are back into full swing, more companies are starting to think about their websites and are looking into using a local website designer.’

As the recession is still affecting most companies, businesses are nervous about website design prices and how much a website will set them back.

Like many things, it is not just the up front cost of the design of the website, but the follow up costs.

Marcel Blackburn of Marketing Quotes added ‘it is a lot like a car, there is the capital cost of the car (like the cost of the website) but there is road tax, servicing, insurance which escalate the cost of having a car (not to mention petrol); with websites it is hosting costs, development, marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) that can escalate the initial costs.’

There have been around 30 new website designers in Nottingham join Marketing Quotes during September, bringing the total number registered on the site to around 200 (just in the Nottingham area).

Anne Richards added ‘most people do not know the costs associated with getting a website designed, how the different kind of sites vary and why designers charge what they do. Websites can be designed for free and can cost over a million pounds, but you do get what you pay for.’

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2ergo Appoints Lakestar Media To Deliver SEO

UK digital marketing agency Lakestar Media has been appointed by mobile marketing and business solutions company 2ergo to increase its search engine visibility and site traffic.

2ergo is the international mobile business and marketing solutions company. It works with clients to help them create a mobile presence and acquire, retain and communicate with their customers in the mobile space. The company combines its innovative proprietary mobile technologies with consultancy services to develop and deliver award-winning mobile strategies for a range of organisations, including PizzaExpress, RightMove, Aviva, Proctor & Gamble, Carphone Warehouse, Ladbrokes, Fox News and Orange.

Working with Lakestar, 2ergo intends to increase its in-bound lead generation by moving up the organic search rankings to attain visibility with its target sectors and appearing against pre-defined high traffic terms to promote brand awareness.

Neil McKay, CEO of Lakestar Media, said “With the rise in smartphone ownership, mobile is now one of the most important marketing channels for businesses. 2ergo’s leadership and innovation in mobile can help companies that want to move forward in this area. Our team of SEO experts is looking forward to working with 2ergo to create a campaign that will boost its visibility among key customers.”

John Stevens, Group Managing Director of 2ergo, said: “Mobile marketing is become an increasingly competitive market as companies look to develop solutions that meet consumer demand. Lakestar Media are helping us to create a sound SEO strategy, based on a targeted sector specific approach to enable us to clearly present our propositions, increase our online presence and drive growth in our business.”

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Warner Leisure Hotels Selects Lakestar Media To Boost Online Sales

UK digital marketing agency Lakestar Media has been chosen by holiday company Warner Leisure Hotels to produce a comprehensive online marketing campaign to increase its revenue online.

Warner Leisure Hotels, part of the Bourne Leisure Group, is keen to introduce its extensive selection of unique, adults-only breaks to a wider audience and will work with Lakestar Media to execute a range of online marketing strategies including search engine optimisation, paid search, affiliate marketing and display advertising.

It is important to Warner Leisure Hotels to maintain a strong relationship with the needs and behaviours of potential customers – and with a recent study by research body YouGov showing that 67 per cent of British holidaymakers now find travel information via the internet, a robust online presence is essential.

Jason Riseborough, Head of Online Marketing at Warner Leisure Hotels, said: “Digital marketing is absolutely vital to sales in the UK holiday market. It’s therefore natural that we have chosen to work with a company like Lakestar Media, which has the premium expertise we need to create a targeted, effective customer acquisition strategy using a variety of channels.

About Lakestar Media
Lakestar Media is a digital marketing agency based in Manchester and London. Established in 2007, Lakestar delivers a mix of services as well as being an SEO agency, these include social media, pay per click services (PPC), affiliate marketing, display advertising and news feeds for its clients.

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SEO Manchester Announces Brand New Web Presence

SEO Manchester, a Search Engine Optimisation Company specialising in the provision of SEO Services and SEO Training Courses in Manchester, has today officially announced the launch of its brand new web presence. The initial feedback from customers on the new design has been very positive, with the majority of customers praising the accessibility of the web presence and the seamless integration of numerous small business SEO options in one place.

The main remit of is to provide Small Business SEO courses to small business owners across the Greater Manchester area, and in locations including Warrington, Bolton and Oldham – the brand new web presence is just yet another step in the ever-evolving ambitions of this Company, with plans afoot in the coming few months to launch an SEO Membership website as a compliment to the hundreds of SEO courses run every year.

SEO Manchester founder, Gareth Mailer, had this to say about the launch of the new website: “we are obviously delighted with the way things have been moving forward this year. Despite starting our business during the in the midst of a recession, we have received a very positive response from small business owners eager to find out more about Search Engine Optimisation.

The launch of our new website will hopefully mark yet another step in cementing our place as the foremost provider of SEO courses in Manchester”.

SEO Manchester has been in business for close to two years now, and this latest launch is another signal that they have no intention of stepping down the pace anytime soon: “we’ve seen an increase in course bookings every single month since we started trading, there’s clearly a demand in the marketplace for our knowledge and expertise, and we are delighted to see so many of our delegates taking on-board the tips we provide and increasing their own visibility in search”, said Gareth Mailer.

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Lakestar Media Win Title Of Best SEO & PPC Agency At How Do Awards

Digital marketing agency Lakestar Media claimed the title of best ‘SEO and PPC agency’ at the 2011 How Do Awards.

The How Do Awards celebrate the media industries best talent, with accolades covering every major marketing and media discipline, from PR and broadcasting, to digital media.

To scoop the award from a shortlist of seven agencies Lakestar Media successfully demonstrated consistently high standards of work including the retention of clients and new client wins. The company showcased award winning campaigns and creative work that has provided exceptional search results and impressive return on investment for it’s for clients.

Neil McKay, CEO of Lakestar Media, said, “We really appreciate winning this award, it’s a real team effort and I am very proud of everyone within the business. As importantly I would very much like to thank our clients for their continued support of our business”.

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Walmart Dollar Stores Social Acceptance Say’s Bring It On

With over 5 million Facebook Fans and Growing, it appears Walmart is preparing to send a clear message to their Facebook fans; we’ve heard your wants and needs and we’re here to deliver the Best Roll-Back we’ve ever had thanks to you (and our savvy money centers). We’re delivering the “Walmart Fans Just In Time Program”. Yes Fans, Walmart has monitored your pay-check cashing trends and they see that they’ve lost many friends in their stores during those magical 3 days just before pay-day. You know those majestic 3 days when you scrape up just enough to buy those essentials like diapers or baby food to hold you over until pay-day.

The Big Box Fox knows when it gets down to those last few days and dollars just before your next paycheck. Well, we believe Walmart is getting set to announce their “Days before Pay Day Dollar Store” in an isle near you. No, there are no new stores with the 99 cent deals, it’s Pay Day Dollar Days at your local Walmart.

Walmart Rolls Back their Contract Packagers
Walmart has given tentative notice (nothing is ever tentative with Walmart, it’s always going to happen) to their Contract Packagers (CP), supply chain that they want smaller sizes of the basic necessities on the shelf during what they claim are those 3 days just before pay-day. Sales of those essentials during those 3 days just before pay day have been flowing into the neighboring Dollar store registers for too long according to Walmart, and they now have sufficient data to drive their Dollar Store initiative forward.

Walmart, the Big Box Fox is now one of the largest money centers in the world Walmart has become one of the largest money centers in the world with their savvy in store money centers offering In-store check cashing with a simple $3.00 fee for checks up to $1,000.00 and a flat $6.00 for the $5,000.00 cap. Walmart in store and online promotions include their “get your money when you want it” program with their no registration required Walmart Money Card where you can reload it for free every pay-day or just like a standard credit card. The Walmart Discover Card maintains their Popular “Roll Back” concept with 1% cash back on all purchases and a very rewarding $0.03 off a gallon of gas at their Sam’s Club Gas Stations.

Need Cash? The Big Box Fox has that covered too, only with in store purchases.

Walmart, the data mining king of the big box retailers, keeps the money in house all the time, and the transacting data, well, leave it to the Big Box Fox and their innovative forward thinking, it’s a win win situation for Walmart and their customers, but a complex and taxing one for their Contract Packagers.

Walmart introduces the first Consumer J.I.T. Program Walmart, King of the Just In Time (JIT) supply chain, has listened closely to the voice of their customers through their money centers and social media marketing online assets, and the data shows the consumers need some JIT of their own; the consumers need smaller and less costly sizes to hold them over until they cash their next pay check or they buy elsewhere. It makes cents, which quickly add up to that Dollar sale Walmart was losing during the 3 day Pay Day crunch.

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Lakestar Media Begins A Journey Of Distinction

Journeys of Distinction, the provider of luxury escorted tours, has selected UK SEO Agency Lakestar Media to increase its search engine visibility.

Established in 1972, Journeys of Distinction creates impeccably planned, premium quality escorted tours, cruises, city tours and rail holidays. A wide range of destinations are on offer from Italy and Montenegro to Japan and Patagonia.

The company was acquired by Kuoni Travel Ltd in 2006 but continues to operate completely independently and is aiming for growth.

Journeys of Distinction’s strategy for 2011 is to grow the online side of its business by increasing lead generation and ultimately increasing revenue. Lakestar Media’s task is to help deliver this growth.

Karen Gee, Journeys of Distinction’s Managing Director said “After an extremely competitive pitch process, we awarded the business to Lakestar Media based on their expertise and experience. We identified that online is a massive opportunity for growth and the team at Lakestar Media have provided a strategy for us to achieve this, and they are doing a fantastic job. As more and more people begin their initial holiday research online, it is essential that we fully utilise search engine optimisation and pay-per-click to establish a strong web presence”.

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Lakestar Media Builds A Solid Foundation For Award Winning Miller Homes

Leading digital marketing agency Lakestar Media has been appointed by Miller Homes, the largest private family owned housing developer in the UK, to increase its search engine visibility.

Miller Homes, which has recently won three What House? 2010 Awards, including two golds for Best Sustainable Development and Best Partnership Scheme, has selected Lakestar Media to refocus its online search engine marketing strategies to amplify brand awareness and strengthen web presence throughout the UK.

The housebuilder recently celebrated its 75th anniversary and has a strong reputation within the very competitive housing development sector for its high levels of customer care. With the majority of potential homeowners starting their search for new homes online, search engine optimisation and pay-per-click are a crucial part of its marketing strategy.

Lakestar Media’s brief is to generate quality online enquiries on a regional basis while maintaining campaign fees to an agreed cost per enquiry.

Sue Warwick, National Sales and Marketing Director for Miller Homes said: “Online marketing is an important focus for our business so SEO and PPC will form an integral part of our marketing strategy going forward. With the assistance of Lakestar Media we hope to further improve our online presence throughout 2011”.

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Sofa So Good As Lakestar Media Secures CSL Sofas SEO Account

Sofa specialists CSL has appointed Lakestar Media to handle its search engine optimisation for

Lakestar Media’s involvement in CSL’s digital strategy comes at a time when the family-owned company, which employs 550 staff and operates 18 stores mainly in the North of England, is aiming to expand into the Midlands and South to establish a UK-wide physical presence.

Growing brand recognition from this expansion presents an opportunity for the business to increase its share of the online sofa sales market Lakestar Media will work with CSL’s marketing team to improve search engine visibility in a very competitive market, using a variety of SEO techniques including a focus on Google product search and improving the mix of keywords in product descriptions.

Neil McKay, Lakestar Media’s CEO, said: “Lakestar Media is delighted to have the opportunity to work with CSL, and we are very much looking forward to helping the company achieve its objectives online”.

Sarah Mitchell, CSL’s Brand and Marketing Manager added: “We are very pleased to be working with the team at Lakestar Media. CSL Sofas is a very innovative company led by Jason Tyldesley, a Managing Director who embraces technology and strives to future-proof CSL within the retail sector. With Lakestar Media’s guidance and extensive skill and knowledge in all things digital I’m sure this will be a long lasting relationship”.

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A new company called Info Media Consultancy is transforming the way businesses in the United Arab Emirates market themselves

A new company called Info Media Consultancy is transforming the way businesses in the United Arab Emirates market themselves, according to Managing Director Hani Masgidi. “After the world financial crisis, businesses need to find new ways to attract and retain customers if they are to remain competitive. The good news is that with proper guidance, this form of marketing is both cost-efficient and highly effective.”

Info Media Consultancy offers a variety of services to their clients. In most cases, Mr. Masgidi recommends that a company start with a customized strategic marketing plan. This plan focuses on optimizing your online presence for both user experience and search engine optimization. “Many companies don’t realize the impact your website has on your bottom line,” says Mr. Masgidi. “Make the necessary changes and you will see an immediate increase in both leads and revenue.” Some of the components of the strategic marketing plan include search engine optimization (SEO), email management, video marketing, user interface analysis and internet advertising.

Info Media Consultancy has several advantages that make them stand out over the competition for UAE marketing consultancies. For one thing, they are on the cutting edge when it comes to online marketing practices. “There are innovations in internet marketing every day,” explains Mr. Masgidi. “What worked a month ago may no longer be effective today, so you need to choose a consultant that monitors trends constantly.”

In addition, Info Media Consultancy realizes that to be truly successful today, a company has to compete in a global economy. As Mr. Masgidi notes, “We deliver world-class services on a multilingual platform, and we have strategic alliances in place which enable us to assist our clients whether their business is primarily local or international.”

To learn more about the services offered by Info Media Consultancy and how they can help your Dubai or United Arab Emirates company leverage the power of the Internet, visit

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Lakestar Media Has Online Visibility Covered for

UK digital marketing agency Lakestar Media has been appointed by online lingerie retail specialist to increase its search engine visibility. – an internet pioneer, founded in 1998 – is the ultimate online destination for lingerie, men’s underwear, loungewear, swimwear and an increasingly diverse product range. Now accompanied by a newly launched mobile app, the site attracts 1.2 million website visits per month and delivers to over 100 countries.

Lakestar Media has been tasked with ensuring that revenue generated by the pay-per-click (PPC) channel is maximised by working to a specific return on investment target.

Established in 2007, Lakestar Media is an online marketing agency with offices in Manchester and London. The company was founded by a team of digital professionals with significant experience of working for major UK brands.

Neil McKay, Lakestar Media CEO said “This is an important appointment for the agency and we are already making great headway in helping to achieve its goals. The brand is one of the founding UK internet companies and has become a leading online lingerie brand.

Julien Shirley Head of Digital Marketing said “Lakestar Media has quickly become an integral part of our marketing team, and in a short space of time has been able to reduce our acquisition costs and increase our sales”.

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Be Found Marketing Launches Google Map Listing Recovery Service

Be Found Marketing, a leading search engine optimization and Google Maps marketing company, has announced the launch of its Google map listing recovery service to help local small business owners to regain their lost position in the Google’s increasingly significant local map listings.

Be Found Marketing has offered Google map optimization services for more than 2 years, but a significant rise in demand to repair damaged map listing campaigns has prompted the launch of their new Maps Recovery service, a first of its kind. The service is designed to fix Google map listings for legitimate companies that have been banned or blacklisted by Google because of the dubious listing practices applied by the second-rate map optimization companies they had hired to get better rankings in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

“We get calls every day from companies desperate to get back into Google’s good graces. Most of them contracted what we call an ‘assembly line’ maps optimization company and many of them paid for these companies a lump sum for an entire year up front.” said Steve Williamson, spokesman of Be Found Marketing. “Typically these companies can show decent results fairly quickly, but eventually their ‘black hat’ practices often result in either the complete removal of a business from Google’s local maps or a severe ranking penalty. We call it Google ‘excommunication’.”

Many businesses have suffered loss at the hand of “assembly line” map optimization companies that tend to either ignore or have very little understanding of the Google Quality Guidelines for local map listigns. For some small business owners, the effect of being penalized has been debilitating. Stan Meyers, owner/operator of, a Los Angeles based moving company, said that he had contracted one company after another to help him with his Google map listing only to find that in the end his listing was removed from Google’s local results due to the bad practices of the companies he paid to do the work.

Via EPR Network
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