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Hit Search Limited Highlights The Need for SEO and PPC to Work as One

Leading UK based Online Marketing Agency, Hit Search, have recently urged companies to ensure all of their divisions of online marketing are pulling in the same direction to help boost overall online marketing efforts.

The Liverpool SEO agency have recently spoke of how companies that in the past have had two separate search engine optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) operations may not be getting the best results and return on their investment compared to an integrated campaign.

Shared knowledge and research between agencies or departments within the same online marketing agency can help to discover unexplored opportunities as well as mutually helping each team’s efforts.

In situations where one department has carried out research on new terms or made discoveries in analysis tools such as Google Analytics then it makes sense for this information to be shared amongst all involved in a business’ online marketing campaign – but this isn’t always the case.

Andy Redfern, Director at Hit Search said, “Sometimes different teams or agencies will not share this kind of research and so the same work is done by multiple teams or departments, taking time and resources away from other ways to drive the company forward.

“Within any online marketing agency there should be a focus on doing what’s best for the client and ensuring they are getting a leading service for what they are paying. A key part of this would certainly be an open line of communication not only between SEO and PPC but other key facets of online marketing such as Affiliate marketing and social media as well”

Andy went on to say, “Here at Hit Search we pride ourselves on having a team that is in constant communication with each other across all services we offer, sharing new opportunities and findings across the company as and when they are discovered.”

Hit Search is a leading SEO and PPC agency in the Northwest and in London with a focus on ensuring their clients ROI to ensure clients see that their online marketing campaign is producing tangible results that benefit the business.

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Lakestar Media Begins A Journey Of Distinction

Journeys of Distinction, the provider of luxury escorted tours, has selected UK SEO Agency Lakestar Media to increase its search engine visibility.

Established in 1972, Journeys of Distinction creates impeccably planned, premium quality escorted tours, cruises, city tours and rail holidays. A wide range of destinations are on offer from Italy and Montenegro to Japan and Patagonia.

The company was acquired by Kuoni Travel Ltd in 2006 but continues to operate completely independently and is aiming for growth.

Journeys of Distinction’s strategy for 2011 is to grow the online side of its business by increasing lead generation and ultimately increasing revenue. Lakestar Media’s task is to help deliver this growth.

Karen Gee, Journeys of Distinction’s Managing Director said “After an extremely competitive pitch process, we awarded the business to Lakestar Media based on their expertise and experience. We identified that online is a massive opportunity for growth and the team at Lakestar Media have provided a strategy for us to achieve this, and they are doing a fantastic job. As more and more people begin their initial holiday research online, it is essential that we fully utilise search engine optimisation and pay-per-click to establish a strong web presence”.

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Lakestar Media Builds A Solid Foundation For Award Winning Miller Homes

Leading digital marketing agency Lakestar Media has been appointed by Miller Homes, the largest private family owned housing developer in the UK, to increase its search engine visibility.

Miller Homes, which has recently won three What House? 2010 Awards, including two golds for Best Sustainable Development and Best Partnership Scheme, has selected Lakestar Media to refocus its online search engine marketing strategies to amplify brand awareness and strengthen web presence throughout the UK.

The housebuilder recently celebrated its 75th anniversary and has a strong reputation within the very competitive housing development sector for its high levels of customer care. With the majority of potential homeowners starting their search for new homes online, search engine optimisation and pay-per-click are a crucial part of its marketing strategy.

Lakestar Media’s brief is to generate quality online enquiries on a regional basis while maintaining campaign fees to an agreed cost per enquiry.

Sue Warwick, National Sales and Marketing Director for Miller Homes said: “Online marketing is an important focus for our business so SEO and PPC will form an integral part of our marketing strategy going forward. With the assistance of Lakestar Media we hope to further improve our online presence throughout 2011”.

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Sofa So Good As Lakestar Media Secures CSL Sofas SEO Account

Sofa specialists CSL has appointed Lakestar Media to handle its search engine optimisation for www.CSL-sofas.co.uk.

Lakestar Media’s involvement in CSL’s digital strategy comes at a time when the family-owned company, which employs 550 staff and operates 18 stores mainly in the North of England, is aiming to expand into the Midlands and South to establish a UK-wide physical presence.

Growing brand recognition from this expansion presents an opportunity for the business to increase its share of the online sofa sales market Lakestar Media will work with CSL’s marketing team to improve search engine visibility in a very competitive market, using a variety of SEO techniques including a focus on Google product search and improving the mix of keywords in product descriptions.

Neil McKay, Lakestar Media’s CEO, said: “Lakestar Media is delighted to have the opportunity to work with CSL, and we are very much looking forward to helping the company achieve its objectives online”.

Sarah Mitchell, CSL’s Brand and Marketing Manager added: “We are very pleased to be working with the team at Lakestar Media. CSL Sofas is a very innovative company led by Jason Tyldesley, a Managing Director who embraces technology and strives to future-proof CSL within the retail sector. With Lakestar Media’s guidance and extensive skill and knowledge in all things digital I’m sure this will be a long lasting relationship”.

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Lakestar Media Has Online Visibility Covered for Figleaves.com

UK digital marketing agency Lakestar Media has been appointed by online lingerie retail specialist figleaves.com to increase its search engine visibility.

figleaves.com – an internet pioneer, founded in 1998 – is the ultimate online destination for lingerie, men’s underwear, loungewear, swimwear and an increasingly diverse product range. Now accompanied by a newly launched mobile app, the site attracts 1.2 million website visits per month and delivers to over 100 countries.

Lakestar Media has been tasked with ensuring that revenue generated by the pay-per-click (PPC) channel is maximised by working to a specific return on investment target.

Established in 2007, Lakestar Media is an online marketing agency with offices in Manchester and London. The company was founded by a team of digital professionals with significant experience of working for major UK brands.

Neil McKay, Lakestar Media CEO said “This is an important appointment for the agency and we are already making great headway in helping figleaves.com to achieve its goals. The brand is one of the founding UK internet companies and has become a leading online lingerie brand.

Julien Shirley Head of Digital Marketing said “Lakestar Media has quickly become an integral part of our marketing team, and in a short space of time has been able to reduce our acquisition costs and increase our sales”.

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Sales & Marketing Technologies Conversion Sites Provide The Link That Enable Online Visitors To Make Purchases

Websites are a “must” marketing tool for businesses large and small to communicate what they do and what makes them different. Just as important as an online presence, however, is the ability for online visitors to purchase directly from a website.

Sales & Marketing Technologies Conversion Sites Provide The Link That Enable Online Visitors To Make Purchases

Turning one’s website into a fully operational sales center, however, is usually beyond the technical capability of most small or medium sized businesses, many which can’t afford full-time Internet staff.

The easiest and most affordable means for a small or medium business to turn its website into a fully operational commercial platform is to take advantage of an existing software program, such as the SMT Conversion Site, a comprehensive website management package offered by Sales & Marketing Technologies (SMT), a leading full-service web development and Internet marketing company.

SMT’s Conversion Site package provides an online sales transactional component that enables visitors to a website to make purchases online.

“Websites, particularly those that support a retail-styled operation, have to act as more than an information center,” said Dave Larson, SMT’s president & CEO.“They should primarily serve as an online sales center. One’s website should build on a visitor’s interest in a product or service. Our Conversion Site system aims at converting online visitors into clients, not just observers.”

Conversion Sites allow smaller companies to economically and effectively compete without the add-on costs required for additional sales personnel, noted Larson.“Generally, the cost of a Conversion Site is surprisingly affordable, he said.”

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Web Business Age – Industry Engine For Web Business And Online Marketing Industry

Web Business Age, ‘industry engine’ for Web business and online marketing industry, was launched today in a function in Sydney.

This online resource, located at http://webbusinessage.com, offers essential reading and useful resources to business and marketing managers, small business owners and other online professionals.

The most prominent feature is a directory of products, service providers, technical platforms, and reading & learning resources. Selected by experienced editors and neatly categorised in several well-thought out practice areas, listings are continuously updated to keep up with the fast changing online marketplace.

Practical strategies, useful guides, news and analysis f r o m expert staff and contributors aim to help its readers design practical Web business strategies: build usable Web sites, run great Web teams, write compelling content, stretch their search marketing dollars, utilise social media, in short succeed in the quicksands of online business.

Hasnain Zaheer, managing editor of Web Business Age said, “Online strategies, a s s e t s , innovations, investments in digital capabilities and digital talent are at the top of the minds of decision makers. They are looking for ideas, people and processes to thrive in the age of Web business. We hope to provide them the missing pieces of the puzzle.”

It is estimated that more than 1.5 billion people are online worldwide. They type in their questions, needs and requirements in to search engines 4 billion times a day (on average). About 300 million active users on Facebook and about 60 million Twitter users represent the active and vibrant Web 2.0 in which user-generated content and communities rule.

“No wonder, businesses want to reach, engage and interact with online users. They are asking how they can align their business to the Web. By offering practical strategies, tips and directions, Web Business Age hopes to be a part of the answers.” Zaheer added.

Web Business Age is developed by Simplogy Web Business based in Sydney with a global team of online journalists and digital industry professionals.

For more information:
About Web Business Age: http://www.webbusinessage.com/aboutus
Online presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/hzaheer/introduction-to-web-business-age

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B2B Marketing Consultant and Copywriter Lisa May Huby

B2B Marketing Consultant and Copywriter Lisa May Huby was the featured guest for the September 13, 2007 podcast of the Better Process Innovation Show sponsored by Eaton.

Highlights of the show included issues faced by business-to-business marketers such as finding effective business partners, strategies for online marketing and how B2B marketing is being overshadowed by B2C activities.

Another timely topic discussed was B2B search marketing and how prospective business buyers’ online search activities differ from consumers. “This just emphasizes the importance of actually having information available through any means possible, especially on a website or through online marketing. This includes white papers, case studies; it could include data sheets or product brochures. Just about anything that is needed to sell to this market. You need to have it readily available to your prospect, or your competition could get in there first.”

The Better Process Innovation Show hosted by Ken Rayment and sponsored by Eatonhighlights issues faced by the manufacturing industry, focusing largely on small and midsize manufacturers. Guests are experts in their field, and offer sound advice and suggestions to listeners. To listen, visit hubymarketing.com and click on the podcast link.

Marketers and businesses looking for solutions to online marketing dilemmas or feedback on current efforts should visit hubymarketing.com, or call Lisa May Huby direct at (705) 812-2979 to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation. Ms. Huby offers a complimentary e-newsletter with useful tips and information for B2B marketers. Sign up at hubymarketing.com to join the mailing list.

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